Zorin OS Installation Problems on Lenovo Thinkpad

I'm really stressed right now.
I have a recording session tomorrow and my ZorinOS died during a backup today.

Luckily the user data seems to still be there.

Now it is important to install a functioning system again as quickly as possible.

All right, if I have to reinstall the system, then from ZorinOS 16 to 17.

Unfortunately it doesn't seem to work. The installation stops after the first query after a few white lines with sentences that I don't understand appear on the screen.

What do I do now?

Where can I quickly get a Zorin OS 16 Pro back? Unfortunately, I used the stick in confidence to play ZorinOS 17 on it.

Hi @Mikka and welcome aboard. :blush:

I do understand that you are in a bind, but I doubt we can help you without further information.

Would you be able to take a legible shot of those lines that you do not understand and post it in this thread?

Okay, I found a stick with ZorinOS and installed that. That went.

Nevertheless, I am disappointed - to say the least - that I have now paid 50 EUR and the OS17 gets stuck right at the beginning of the installation process.

I simply don't have time to deal with the installation of Zorin OS 17: I still have to install WINE, yabridge and all the Windows VST plugins that I need for my project in Ardor so that I can do it tomorrow when the musicians can come and receive.

Shows again: Don touch a running system.

Next week I'll be getting an M1 MacMini, which I'll use as an audio workstation in the future. As much as I like Linux and especially Zorin OS, there is a lot of software in the AV area (e.g. Kontakt from NativeInstruments) that doesn't work even with WINE.

Then I can flatten this computer here again. Then becomes the office and internet computer. Then I can see that Zorin 17 gets running.

Sorry, I just expect that a system that is supposedly out of beta will install without any problems. I chose ZorinOS because I'm not actually a Linux hobbyist, but rather need a stable and functioning system with which I can be creative and productive.

P.S. It's not surprising that I'm now writing under a different user. I created Mikka because I couldn't get in here without my old password, which was saved in Firefox. Now I have taken the Firefox profiles from the backup and am logged in again with my actual user name.

Mind you, I do applaud you for supporting the project, but I am afraid your expectations are a bit off.

When you procure a new operating system, you cannot expect it to run on every system under any circumstances without fail. More especially so when it comes to Linux, which has certainly come a long way, but is still somewhat of an outlier when it comes to desktop operating systems. Hence, problems and glitches are to be expected.

Choosing to rely on a new installation spontaneously firing on all cylinders while in a bind and being aware of your own limitations yet still going ahead is on you, not Zorin or Linux.

And this sums it up perfectly. Also, whenever you have to rely on a system to work, run daily backups. That way, you could have just slapped on the one from before the one that failed and everything would have been A-OK.

On a side note, that M1 Mac mini is probably the best choice if you need a stable and functioning system with no surprises. You get to run a certified UNIX out of the box from a manufacturer that produces both hardware and operating system, and it will basically keep chugging along unless you run over it with a tank. Which seems to meet all your aforementioned expectations.

You can also get comfortable with the command line, which is not much different from other unixoid systems, and use that gained experience when you eventually switch to Zorin or use it on the side.

Anyhoo, I am glad you were able to sort it out. :blush:


Nevertheless the question remains:
Where can I get ZorinOS 16 back? I deleted it on the stick because I used it for Zorin17 - luckily only AFTER I reinstalled Zorin 16.
This means: Although I have Zorin16 back on the computer, I no longer have a stick that I can use to boot or reinstall in an emergency.

What do you think I'm doing here all the time? It takes command line work to install and configure a current Wine and Yabridge.
You also have to set up real-time scheduling etc.

How did my previous Zorin16 die? While I was backing up to an external hard drive!
This means: You actually always need two backup SSDs that you use alternately, one today and the other tomorrow. This is the only way I can prevent myself from suddenly finding myself without a backup in case of doubt.
Luckily the data from the user folder was still intact, so the creative work I've done over the last few days wasn't lost.

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Zorin OS 16 is a wonderful system, and I wouldn't have switched back to the Mac if it weren't for the odd effects or instrument plugin for my DAW Ardor that doesn't run as Windows VST under WINE and yabrige. Most Windows VST plugins run this way on Linux. Great!

For most applications that the average citizen needs (Internet, Office), a Linux like ZorinOS is, in my opinion, the system of choice.
I was a Mac user for 25 years and only switched to Linux two years ago because I was annoyed by the price and product philosophy of the industry leader and monopolist Apple. I like the open source idea.
And if you look at what the developers of Ardor, for example, have managed and are doing (and that on a donation basis), then it's just great!

Think Different!

Use Linux nowadays.

Uhm, I do not understand—would you not just get it from the same place where you downloaded it the first time around? Or maybe here, since you seem to hail from Germany?

I do not know what you do all the time, how would I? I go by what you post, and
you explicitly stated that you do not even consider yourself to be on a hobbyist level when it comes to Linux.

No, it means that you should run your backups according to modern strategies when it comes to data you do not want to lose.

And yet, there is a Mac mini on the way. Does not compute. Although I do not get the entire Apple hate in general. They are neither industry leaders nor monopolists, their computers have a great TCO, the systems are stable and all you have to do is reboot a few times a year after updates. Other than that, macOS will completely stay out of your way and let you go about your business.

Granted, Apple is a truly despicable company and I do throw up a little in my mouth every time I see Tim Cook's face, but I am able to differentiate between a company on one side and a technical device on the other, that is simply serving me well. As long as that is the case, which basically means until they have dumbed it down to iOS levels, everything is peachy in my book.

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What is wrong with the install - went smooth on the Lenovo Yoga i7 16 - did you prep boot order, disable fast boot and secure boot features - and then load straight from the USB? - with wifi connected? You are aiming where to install to protect other data drives - yes? Mine was pretty automatic - just wondering. Can you redownload the Zorin OS 17 onto the USB then checksum it then try the downloading after selecting the USB to boot from.

I'm not saying I hate Apple, that's too much emotion. As I said, I was a committed Mac user for two decades. And yes, you are right, the system works great.
I wouldn't have a window in my house!

Nevertheless: I like the open source idea and dreams of a world beyond capitalist exploitation. Dreaming of an ideal world... you can dream! And that's why I support the developers of Ardor, for example!


@Mikka, @ElAchim, I'm a bit confused by this thread. The OP is Mikka, but all responses are from ElAchim. It is not common practice to have two user accounts on a forum. Please decide which you are using and let us know the other account to remove.

Can we please return to the topic?

The off-topic posts have resulted in uncertainty as to any progress made toward resolution of the original post.

I second this and this confused me as well. It may be that Mikka started the post and ElAchim joined with the same complaint with Mikka not yet returning - or that ElAchim created a new account, but then recovered his existing one...

This is the answer.


You can download the Zorin 16.iso here:

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If you need the SHA256 for Z16.3 Core. I can probably find that and post it if required to check the download iso.

This is not the Pro Version, which i have bought, is it?

If you need the Pro version, you can always request a new download link here.

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