Zorin OS Lite Boot Loop and Locked

My case is the following, my notebook is an Acer celeron, and I must have turned it off incorrectly, this made Windows not want to start I stayed in the recovery screen for a long time, until I managed to make a bootable pendrive, so I decided to take advantage of the opportunity and test the Linux system. I did a lot of research and what I liked most was Zorin OS, in the end because of the specifications I decided to download the Lite version. So I downloaded it and had several problems with booting it, but I managed to get around it. But here I am, trying to start Zorin OS for more than two hours, I choose the first option, that of testing or installing Zorin Os, The commands occur normally until the Acer screen arrives (brand of my device), and below the Zorin system, it shines for a few seconds and stops, It really freezes, I can't do anything else, the only thing I can do is turn it off and on, plus I managed to change the BIOS, I need help with that, I don't have any money in the Time to pay a technician, so I wanted to try something...

Before start booting into the Flash USB:

  • Enter BIOS and disable both Secure boot and fast boot
  • Also, there is a feature inside Windows called Fast startup, You need to disable it as well.

Have you tested the integrity of the hard drive since there was some kind of system failure with Windows?

Changing certain BIOS settings could cause these kinds of issues. For example if AHCI was changed to RAID... You might simplify matters by resetting the BIOS settings to all default, then testing installing Zorin OS.

So, I simply never touch the BIOS. So I'll see if I change some things it changes. Regarding the integrity of Windows, the only option to fix it is formatting, so I decided to test using Linux...

The program I used to make the USB bootable was Rufus. I went into BIOS and disabled the Secure Boot, even so, nothing has changed, just that the option selection screen is in the middle, and regarding Fast startup I can't disable this because my windows is unusable, just having the startup screen Recovery, in a while I'll try to download Zorin OS again, if that's it...

This was the line I was referring to^

Not the integrity of Windows.

The integrity of the Hard Drive. You might try running a S.M.A.R.T. test on the hard drive to see if it has any failures, bad blocks or sectors.

Hmm, got it, I'll look into it. Thanks.

So, now that I've researched it, I realized that I already did this test and it didn't do anything. The test result showed no problem.

Have you checked if your Drive settings in BIOS are set to AHCI or RAID?

They are like AHCI.