Zorin OS Lite or Core?

Hi. I want to dualboot Windows 10 with Zorin OS, but I don’t know which of this two will be. My PC is an all-in-one 20-c205la with a Celeron J3060 1.60 GHz and 4GB RAM.

PS: They are both faster than Windows 10?

I don’t understand what you mean by “both faster than Win 10” - which both are you referring to? Do you mean Core or Lite?

I’ve only used Core but I’m guessing the procedure is the same for Lite. I recommend using unetbootin (use CD or USB or install files in Win 10 to bypass needing USB/CD). During install, select “Something Else” option. Then partition the drive of your choice.


A snail is faster than Win10.


Zorin Lite - the clue is in the title.
Core - think of molten lead at the centre of the earth. Enter Jules Verne …

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Thankfully, I managed to skip a trip to Iceland to get my copy of Core.