Zorin OS Lite shuts down right after booting

I just installed Zorin OS Lite on an old laptop I had lying around. The installation was fairly quick and it booted the 1st time. Then I updated the system and restarted but now everytime I start the laptop, it gets to the desktop (not fully loaded tho) and then just shuts down. I don't mean that the screen just completely goes black. I mean it actually shuts down properly with the exit screen and all.

I think this might be due to the bad battery of the laptop which no longer works properly because it always shows a very low percentage. I think Zorin OS Lite looks at this percentage and just shuts down thinking that the battery is very low. I have tried removing the battery and starting the laptop without 1 but the same thing happens. Is there any way to turn this feature off through a live environment or something?

Although I'm not 100% sure that the battery is the problem so any help would be appreciated.

I would actually check that the fan is working properly, first. I have experienced this as well and it was the fan - On two machines, different occasions.
During all the boot initialization, with No Operating Fan, the CPU was getting way too hot and the computer shut down.

What I did as a test: I taped a hose hooked up to a small blower motor to the Fan Intake port of the Notebook, plugged the blower into the wall to power it. Then booted.
Which worked... So that Blower Motor ended up duck taped in a box, slotted to the intake port of the stationary notebook for about a year. :expressionless:


@Aravisian Were you on Apollo 13 by any chance?


If I had been, we would have made it to the Moon.


You can also try removing the battery, if accessible, and leaving it plugged in, though i agree with aravisian that it's probably getting to hot.

This post gets a total huge like, because you went total redneck with computers, in order to solve an issue. And it also gets a like for excellent troubleshooting the issue.

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You actually have no idea... LOL
My old tower; the Side Panel was removed and had to stay removed because I had soldered new boards onto the motherboard. I am not kidding.
Several of my computers have had extra fans installed on the outside over time- and one of the Notebooks, I took apart and removed the original fan, then soldered Copper Fins around the cooling area to increase surface area, upgraded the fan. Cut out the dinky plastic Cooling exhaust hole and use a wire mesh to cover the larger hole I cut into it.
Another notebook, I built a custom plastic base for it that included Cooling fans, USB hub and a couple other goodies.
You could only use that notebook stationary. I tend to collect walwarts from neighbors that they no longer want for splicing into items and powering extra PC fans and other things.

And when it comes to Arduino- I use these for making Custom Radios or Lighting in Classic Cars. This way, a car can be fully restored, including original OEM radio- but still have Siruis Radio access hidden beneath the dash. Things like that.
And I think I sent you pictures of my Tool Display- with Led lighting; again just salvaged LED lights from those battery operated wall-lights you get at Dollar Tree. I pull the LED strips out, discard the rest, then wire the strip at length needed into DC converter wall outlets and place them in hidden places to provide lighting.


Hmm yea didn't think about that. The laptop does have a heating issue I think. It's not been cleaned also for some time. I think lift the laptop while booting and keep the fan vent facing a table fan just to check if it boots. If it does I'll open it and clean it, probably also replace the thermal paste.

Yea thanks for the suggestion. :grin:

I said I tried that in the original post. I removed the battery and tried starting the laptop but after reaching the desktop it shut down.

Sorry for the really late reply, was busy due to exams. Anyways yes the problem was overheating. The fan is working but as I had just installed Zorin OS lite when I tried turning it on the laptop was already hot. So now it starts properly because it had enough time to cool down. Anyways thanks for the help :slight_smile:

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Ok, thermal throttling is one thing, but thermal shutdown is another. More then likely the thermal paste needs to be redone on CPU/GPU. Hopefully the heat sink is making proper contact. There are ooldes of videos on YouTube, demonstrating how to do that with computers.

Ya, your CPU/GPU should never get that hot, it's a clear sign something is wrong. Like heat sink not making proper contact or thermal paste either passed expiration, or not applied properly from factory.