Zorin OS Lite vs Core

What is the big differences between Lite and Core!
I have installed Lite so i wonder is there some programs that doesn't work on Lite but on Core or is vice-versa?

The difference is the Core deploys a Gnome-based desktop and Lite deploys an XFCE desktop, XFCE being less resource hungry than Gnome. As far as I know, all apps in the repository will work in both, and Flatpak/Snap as well.

@tomscharbach How about Video-Playing then is there some difference does Core plays video better?

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I don't know, but I don't think so. I haven't seen any threads that would indicate video problems with Lite/XFCE, but I use Core so I can't say for sure. I see you've opened a separate thread on this issue, so someone who knows will probably respond.