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I see that the new logo is in bold and a different font, I'd have liked it to have not changed, because I like the previous one, thinner and with that “broken” R, it's so beautiful and original :smile:.


I liked it too

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I liked the old logo more too... maybe this one represents that this version is the completest (the R) and also the strongest (bold) :sweat_smile:

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My custom wallpapers are still going to have the old logo, seeing as A.Zorin has not put up the new one yet :slight_smile:

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Same, and I also preferred the Zorin OS 15 Plymouth splash screen with the thinner lettering and broken font.

I have never faulted the ZorinGroup for considering a change; since all studies show that people prefer bolder font. I do, too. normally. For example, the Dodge Ram logo; I prefer the newer bigger bolder version.

So... Why do many of us prefer the older Zorin Logo Font? I think the reason is that ZorinGroup already perfected it. It was already bold.

My own solution was to adhere to my preference; So whenever I installed or reinstalled Zorin OS 16, I also replaced the Zorin Plymouth with the Z15 package:


I too liked the previous logo. The R logo is difficult and puzzles me.


The first R in your lineup looks more like a letter F to me. One that... well, I won't describe its affliction using my words...
Let's just say it looks like something is droopy.

All of the rest of them are recognizable R's and to me, this is an interesting facet of human pattern recognition.


I'm not exactly sure what you folks are talking about, which is probably because I haven't tried out Zorin OS 17, so I am not in the know. However, when you folks talk about changes in Zorin OS logo's, my first thought goes to the icon. My favorite Zorin OS logo, was the OS 8 one.

Its nice and round, bubbly like, and I appreciate 3-dimensional bubbly things. Which is probably the reason why I loved Windows XP so much 23-years ago lol. When Zorin OS changed to the 2-dimensional flat logo, I saw that as a regression, much like how society has been regressing.

Lets just hope that Zorin OS 17 manages to be a considerably improvement. At the very least, I'd like to see massive improvements to the Zorin Connect APP, cause it doesn't even work properly for me, and I've read that KDE connect is far better. Well, I'd want the Zorin Connect APP to be at least as good as KDE's.


So, Iiked the Z16-Logo more. The thin Lines in Combination with this fancy R, I found pretty cool.

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The logo inspired me. But now I find this looks like Remmina's icon. :sweat_smile:


Screenshot from 2024-02-07 18-52-42

Screenshot from 2024-02-07 18-58-36

?? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I do not understand the question...

I didn't see any Z15-specific plymouth options such as you see above. Am I looking in the wrong place, or might I be correct in thinking that it wouldn't be possible to change unless you explicitly edit the currently-installed plymouth theme... somehow.

Didn't really have one, it was more of a ~headscratcher

Since Zorin OS 15 was the only release to contain that plymouth theme, a Zorin OS 16 or 17 user must download and install the package from the Zorin OS Stable repository:

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Is there a way to view the theme without installing? I was curious and that's what started me down this particular rabbit hole.

I just tried an image search and came up empty handed. :expressionless:

Strange. I cannot take a picture, because I no longer see the plymouth splash screen. My ssd boots up so fast, the plymouth does not have time to appear.

But, it is a dark background with this logo:

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You have good taste, sir.

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Maybe you can find something that you like better? :wink:

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