Zorin os mac layout

I’ve bought the Ultimate zorinos 15 version,
and I am wondering which of the themes is supposed to be the most mac os look alike?

If you go to Zorin Appearance it will give you some previews. I think from memory it is the one that has icons in the middle but has a long bar around as this theme was designed for tablets. If you wish you could always add ‘docky’ as an alternative. :wink:

or Plank

or install Cairo Dock DE:

Hi @severuscold, welcome to the forum!

You can set the macOS-like layout in Zorin OS Ultimate by opening the Zorin menu > System Tools > Zorin Appearance and selecting the bottom-right desktop layout, like so:


Thanks for stepping in to the breach as I could not remember as I am only running Core at the moment. :wink:

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How the freak it is 6 layout while mine has 3?. How did you do that Sir @AZorin?

All 6 layouts are included in Zorin OS Ultimate:

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