Zorin-os-minimal & vim-tiny & vim-common

I'm going through some things in my system and found an oddity I couldn't answer. While I know the vim packages in question take up a very small amount of space and aren't hurting anything by being installed, I wanted to know why I can't remove them without the possibility of impairing system functionality. Keeping that in mind:

Can someone please explain why I can't remove the packages vim-tiny and vim-common without also removing zorin-os-minimal?

Is zorin-os-minimal absolutely necessary to be installed on a non-minimal install of the OS?

What would happen if I removed zorin-os-minimal? Does it break my system or take away my system's ability to carry out certain tasks?

apt-cache depends zorin-os-minimal indicates that even if I removed vim-tiny and vim-common with a mandatory removal of zorin-os-minimal as well, that reinstalling zorin-os-minimal would just bring these vim packages back. Why are these packages so intertwined and disallow the user to have better control of installed packages?

Thanks in advance.

And it looks like vim-tiny is basically a means of installing vi a CLI text editor. It's one of the core functionalities of any UNIX system, so it's understandable it's there.

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Vim-Tiny is related to the Vim text editor family and shares similarities with Vi, it's not solely a means of installing Vi. Instead, Vim-Tiny is its own variant of Vim, offering a subset of features compared to full Vim, primarily designed to be lightweight and more resource-efficient for specific environments.
Both Vi and Vim (including Vim-Tiny) are CLI text editors used for manipulating text within a terminal environment, but they vary in terms of features and capabilities.

Do you mean CLI text editor is one of the core functionalities?

Looking at this logically, I just don't understand the entanglement of the CLI text editor with the minimal Zorin package. Sure, it helps to have a CLI editor, but that doesn't mean that Zorin can't function without it, or another CLI editor I want to replace it with.

Am I way off base here?

I'm not claiming that vi and vim-tiny are the same program. I'm saying that it's being used as an alternative to vi given how it's designed to be fully compatible with it, while being much more lightweight than original vim. As you can see, it's a symbolic link all the way down to vim-tiny:


Every UNIX system has had something like this for decades, since it's such a fundamental tool. I see no reason why you couldn't have a system without it, however this is how ZorinOS is implementing this minimal install package, so it becomes problematic to just remove it.

That said, I don't disagree with this particular dependency. If something in your system broke and left you with nothing but a shell, a text editor like vi would be the only way of editing files.

Yeah you have a point. No argument there as far as it being a useful tool to have in the event things go awry. Sorry, it just threw me off when you mentioned the installation of vi.

I guess it's safe to assume at this point that there's no reason to expect some sort of dependency change to allow users to uninstall those packages. I'll mark this as solved, but it still irks me that I can't do it.

One of the downsides of using a distributions is that we don't get to pick each and every package that gets installed, it's a tiny price to pay :smiley:

I don't think that's likely, no.


I'm a bit obsessive-compulsive/spectrum-handicapped with tangential rabbit holes and rarely give up on something until I've either obtained a satisfactory answer to "why?", or another tunnel appears. In the long-run, it's not such a big deal to me either, I just didn't like that I didn't understand the "why?"

I have this trouble, too and I think it is my primary motive for my interest in the sciences and Physics.

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