Zorin OS mouse sensitivity to Windows mouse sensitivity

Hello everyone,

has anyone figured out how to set your mouse sensitivity to be the exact same as on Windows?

The difference is massive when you play FPS games such as Counter-Strike or TF2 etc. and I can't figure out how to change it.

My desktop UI is Gnome and setting Acceleration Profile to Flat using gnome-tweaks doesn't do the work.

Did you already change the mouse settings? You can adjust its sensitivity and enable Mouse Acceleration. Also, usually games in which you use the mouse have their own settings to customize it so you separate the mouse sensitivity of the system from the mouse sensitivity of the games.


This is worth repeating as I believe it really is the best way to address this.


My in-game mouse sensitivity in TF2 for example is the same both on Zorin and Windows as Steam saves my game's presets to cloud.
I have mouse acceleration turned off (flat) both on Zorin and Windows.

When I adjust the mouse settings in-game, I can never get to the mouse sensitivity/acceleration that I have on Windows.

I understand games have their own separate settings from the system but you can just feel a big change in mouse sensitivity/acceleration in desktop when you switch from Windows to Zorin.

Therefore I think you have to change the mouse sensitivity in the system somehow to achieve the same one you have on Windows.

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IDK if this helps but: I picked up a $1.99 BT/WiFi mouse on AliExpress (better than Amazon!!) and have been using that in place of my knock off Microsoft arc mouse thing, also BT - that one in particular was able to register on both Zorin and Windows; just connect and use. The new cheap one though, not the same - the BT has 3.0 and 5.0 and I guess 'switching' of the MAC; doesn't work the same as the arc one across the two systems.

AnYwAy - with the lowest DPI (slowest, whichever is low/high) that moves the slowest, ~5 in Windows is the same as "5" in Zorin. I just have to count the spaces with Zorin, I use the arrow keys, if that helps. Which feels about the same! Windows just takes a larger step with the acceleration to get across the screen - so have to give it to Zorin on mouse 'feel' lol Windows just feels slower, yet the same... if that makes any sense.. And I use the default acceleration in both. Then use the DPI button to change up / down to what I'm doing. Slower for sniping, faster for CQC - for gaming analogy lol

I never had mouse sensitivity problems when I switched to Zorin OS Core from Windows, but if it had happened I'd have simply adjusted it in the settings. Did you already try it? What's that you can't set? It's strange that's so hard to set it as much as Windows, the sensitivity and the movements that you see are almost the same across any OS but if even after changing the settings it doesn't work as you expect the problem is somewhere else.

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