Zorin OS Not Booting Up

ACPI errors rarely result in a no boot issue. Let's let that sit a moment and see what happens. You were able to boot it before - when you saw the File Manager with the missing folders in Sidebar.

If this was me, I would check the contents of the other HDD and make sure that my documents were safe- then perform a Reinstall of Zorin OS at this point, though.

I dont have anything in it, its a fresh install, how long do i wait?

If over two minutes, I would conclude it was not going to boot.

Having made changes to critical system files - We might expect that boot could initially take a little longer.

Leme wait more, like until my mother finishes her call

Ok Im gna restart and first select the normal one then select recovery(if normal does not work)

IM IN, 76 recovery mode + firefox dont work again, pls reply @Aravisian @Aravisian @Aravisian

This is consistent with your Home Directory having been moved / disturbed. Firefox stores its data in the Home directory in the ~/.mozilla folder.

Have you checked your other HDD to see if the Home Directory you moved there is intact? IF so, copy the directory to your Zorin OS /home/$USER directory.

This is the original home:

This is where I want home:

There is also home2:

But I cant find mozilla

Nor can I download any app @Aravisian @Aravisian @Aravisian

I see that your home folder is locked due to permissions - undoubtedly from the moving it back and forth.
A chmod command would likely resolve this.

I have no idea why you have a home2 folder - I speculate you named it that as a copy?

It is 1:23 am my time, here. Honestly - this is a fresh install and you have backups of your home directory due to the copies you made. I highly recommend that you save those copies in a safe place - then Reinstall Zorin OS.
That is the safest method to untangle what was done.

During the Reinstall, you can use @swarfendor437 's Unofficial Guide of Zorin OS to partition a Home Partition separately from the system partition safely.

Partition & Install also includes instructions to use a seperate home partition.

I'm wondering, because of the permissions issue, if you need to include the UID (user id) and GID (group id) after the drive and mount options in your fstab to clear this up.

Since the system entry in fstab is first, I was under the impression that the UID/GID would be used as a global variable for following entries (and the layout of my fstab supports this assumption).

This can be done at the recovery terminal. Nano /etc/fstab, make your changes (UID and GID will both be 1000).

Though adding permissions alone may work (755 I believe would give the necessary permissions, but I may be wrong).

I'm a bit confused about this since I copied my fstab entry exactly, which did not include permissions or UID/GID.

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