Zorin OS Not Booting Up

After installing Zorin OS Core in my Dell Inspiron, I changed my Zorin OS /home directory and mounted it to my hard drive. Then I typed reboot in the terminal and tried booting Zorin OS from the dual boot menu, then it did the usual logo flashing two times and fading into the text but after that, it normally boots up but it didn't. It was just stuck there and I waited until it booted up but it showed a small list of text saying "AE_Not_Found" and some more errors that I can't remember. Please give me a fix for this issue.

Information Regarding this issue:
The video I watched to change /home directory (Yes it is a very old video): MOVE YOUR HOME DIRECTORY TO A DIFFERENT DRIVE IN LINUX - YouTube
The Zorin OS version: Zorin OS 16.2 Core
The OS I'm typing this in (I dual-booted): Windows 10
Secure boot: disabled (It was the default option)
The installation method (Also very old but it worked):
(I followed the tutorial from 0:00 to 6:20) How to Install linux without cd or usb | Dualboot | UEFI | Step By Step (2021) - YouTube

This is harmless and can be ignored.

I strongly suspect that changing the UUID in your fstab file is where this went sideways. You may be able to access Grub Menu - then the Advanced Options for Zorin, Select Recovery.
Then in the recovery menu, arrow key to the bottom to Drop to Prompt.
In the terminal prompt, reverse your previous actions.

If it was me, I would copy the contents of home back to the Primary drive with Root, rather than moving it back over.
Once restored, try booting Zorin OS.

Also - is this a new installation? If the HDD has a copy of home and therefor, your personal data and files - Doing a reinstall of Zorin OS may also just be your easy way out of this mess. Since you seem to have a created a backup of your entire Home directory in the process above...

It does not show the grub menu, it shows the boot options screen and loading screen and now it shows the error. Yes, this is a new install, there is nothing in it other than the new apps I installed which are, well, installable so that isn't a big problem. (I am going to try to follow your solution after I finish something I am doing right now in Windows 10. btw am a game developer)

You may need to tap esc or tab once you see past the Motherboard Splash screen. I usually bap it like I am playing Mortal Kombat.
But... if you are dual booting, the Grub Menu really should appear at every boot by default so you can choose whether to boot into Windows or Zorin OS.

How did you select the option to boot up Windows when you ran into trouble?

There are 4 options: Zorin os, Zorin os options(I don't know if it is this but something along the lines), windows boot manager(basically windows 10), uefi setting(the normal dell boot menu) (btw am typing with 1 hand while eating and nice mortal kombat "i forgot the word")

This one. Select that and hit enter and that should take you to The Options that show Recovery. You should see Zorin OS on (kernel) - Recovery.

Selecting that should lead you to the recovery menu.

I just hope it is not a word that a Tarkatan would say...

idk what a tarkatan(I didn't ever hear this word and now I know the meaning) would say, btw if I try this now dont expect any replies in the next 10 minutes. If you have to say anything else say it now (am done eating). btw there is this website which says it gives zorin os 16.2 pro iso file for free which does work so I think zorin should take it down

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Sure thing; Alerted the ZorinGroup and sent you a PM about that issue.

Im in my mobile, cuz well zorin os did load but i cant open firefox nor can I download any othrr apps. Btw the free zorin pro websites names is pesktop.

The update said to restart so i clicked it but now it shows black with dell on it. What do I do?

Did you run an update?
What happened with reverting the fstab file?

Both /home stayed and some foldrs like images, downloads and others got removed from sidebar. Btw am stl in the black screen

So, it did boot at one point for you to see this?

And this began after you selected to run an update?

Are you using Intel, Nvidia or AMD graphics?

Idk what that one point is, intel graphics card,

How were you able to see the Home Directory and sidebar if you are booting into a black screen? I ask about this in order to try to determine whether an issue has been solved only to be replaced with a new one - or whether the original issue is still present.

If it is the original issue - that had resulted in an inability to boot into Zorin OS.

I saw the file explorer and /home by booting into zorin os as i said firefox isnt opening. There was a update which finished installing and told me to restart now so I clickdd it and after that restart this happened

Ok. Let's return to the Grub Menu - Advanced Options for Zorin - Then select Zorin on an earlier kernel.
It will be a listing second down from the top.

Leme tell u the difference in the boot menu
1.at first it look same but in advanced menu there is 2 more optons

76 ones are normal but the new
56 on the last is new

Yes, sorry - third one down on the 56 kernel. let's try booting from that.

U mean 56 generic? I booted from it but this happened

This is the only thing showing

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