Zorin OS not on mirrors.kernel.org

On Zorin's download page, there is an option of downloading it on kernel.org with the link https://mirrors.edge.kernel.org/zorinos-isos/17/Zorin-OS-17.1-Core-64-bit.iso:

However, if you go to mirrors.kernel.org, you cannot see the Zorin OS download option:

But you see Linux Mint, for example, that is also based on Ubuntu. So out of curiosity, why is that? Is it something that Kernel.org decided not to show?

No problem here:


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I just tested the link and it immediately started downloading Zorin OS 17.1 Core

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Did you manually type this in Your Browser? When You use the Link on the Zorin Mirror Overview You come to the Site:

And when You click on the 17-Folder You can choose the Z17 ISO's:

Your link has an extra character: :


Yes, the link indeed works, what I meant is that why does kernel.org not showing the Zorin OS link directly on mirrors.kernel.org homepage.

I guess you'll have to ask the team behind kernel.org, as they are the ones who decide how to organize things.

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Ok thanks :+1:, makes sense