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Hey guys i have a windows laptop with zorin os but now i removed zorin os because very little spce was there on hdd so i wanted to know if there aany way thta i can install zorin os lite on pendrive and boot it and use another pendrive to install zorin os on it so baiscilay i hav two pendrive one si of 16 gb and other 8 gb so i wanted to know if is it possible to make a bootable pendrive on 8 gb and then install zorin os lite on 16 gb pendrive.
Thank you
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8gb should be sufficient for the installation image. But 16gb is small for the OS. 15gb is at least necessary for the root partition alone.

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hmm because i wanted to use zorin os lite because it make things work faster is there any other way that i can install it without lossing memoery because last time i had 2 gb for zorin os left after install it i will show u how much space i have so u can tell me how much should i dived.

Recommendation for running an operating system, 60GB should be the minimum, it will provide the flexibility of space to use the system. Keep in mind however, its not enough space still for production work. Its just enough space to comfortably use the OS. If you want to do production, recommend 250GB minimum. If your going to do gaming, recommend 500GB minimum.


Running ZorinOS from a USB pen-drive will be slow due to constraints of the USB port.


True, if you have older hardware, not true with modern computers and hardware.

If you have a modern computer with PCIE Gen 3 or gen 4 lanes, and you have a 20GB USB 3.1 port, or Thunderbolt 3 or 4 port, and your using a 1050MB/S SSD drive, like those from Samsung, you will find that Zorin OS will operate just as fast as an internal drive.

The only time that would be a technical exception, is if your internal drive is a 3450MB/S NVME M.2 drive. But with the strides of modern tech, even that can be a stretch to assume. Cause if you had an external NVME drive, hooked up to a 40GB/S thunderbolt port, your gonna find, it be fast as internal too.

So like I said, true statement from Storm in regards to OLD equipment, key emphasis on the word OLD. But if your machine is 2-years old or less, not so true anymore. Cause modern take, has wicked fast PCIE Gen 3 and Gen 4 PCIE lanes connected to those USB or Thunderbolt ports these days.

so is there a way to use zorin os without instailling and insytalling app on my external hdd

Yes, actually there is! You can simply boot up Zorin off oif the installer on USB, and just click Try Zorin OS, and then use it as you normally would.

Now, the only caveat to that, is that Zorin OS 16, is not burned onto the USB drives with persistence in mind. Which means, as soon as you restart, everything is reset to like factory defaults.

Now, unless I am remembering wrong here, correct me if I am wrong @Aravisian, but didn't you say that if you burn Zorin OS to a USB drive using the Ventoy APP, it has an option to burn Zorin OS to use persistence?

Point is, if you could activate persistence, then the external USB drive will act like an installation, even though its not installed. Additionally, in an effort to maintain OS speeds as quick as possible, don't use an external flash drive.

Instead, use an external SSD drive. Burn Zorin OS to an external USB SSD drive, and that is going to be nice and fast to use for permanent use. Please wait till Aravisian can come in and confirm weather or not you can use Ventoy to burn with persistence.

Like I said, you can use Zorin OS right now as it is, booted off the installer, and just click Try Zorin OS, but without persistence, as soon as you restart. Or shutdown, and turn back on, you will find all changes you made whiped and refreshed.

So quick answer is, yes you can run off external yes.


It does have that option, correct.

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