Zorin OS on the Arch kernel?

I have long been interested in Zorin OS, and I really loved the DE experience, but the apt package manager is always extremely out of date, it drives me insane. I don't want to have node 14.18.0 on the experimental channel when node 16.0.0 is already out there, and very stable from what I've tried.

Stability is tested by a large number of people across a large variety of machines, compared against bug reports and user experience.
Zorin OS 16 uses the 5.11.0-37 kernel. The latest kernel is around 5.15. For some people, this may be a boon, as the later kernels have additions for the newest hardware. But for many, it has also been problematic. With regressions, removals and just straight up errors... The Later kernels have been almost more trouble than they are worth.
Only looking at "higher number" is not the best metric to gauge the performance of a package or kernel. You need to look at the change-log.

I am certainly seeing a lot more kernel blamed problems with 5.11 (Zorin 16) compared to 5.4 (Zorin 15) being reported here on the forum. I guess some of the problems may be attributed to new users, posting problems here since the Z16 launch, but I don't think that is the full explainaton. It has put me off updating to Z16 from Z15.3 where life is good, stable and for the most part problem free. :crossed_fingers:

:grinning: Do you want told me I can try back to back from 16 to 15.3 ultimate?

Do you think it will better working?
Linux is for old machines then Zorin 16 Pro is for computers in future or past future? Very good question.
So third times i need new installation Zorin with again configuration my drivers and all things? I faster kill my SSD :rofl:

@Bourne I was not aware you were still having difficulties with your Z16 installation. Which thread are you referring to?

All I can say is I have never needed to re-install Z15 and the only serious problem I had was sound not working, which took a lot of time to fix.

When I tried Z16 Core, sound did not work, so I must prepare myself to attend to that problem when I do eventually update to Z16.

All I can say from my observations here (also commented by @Aravisian at one time), is that Z16 with 5.11. kernel seems more problematic than Z15 was, and still is. You will have to find out for yourself if Z15.3 behaves nicer on your machine.

The installation linux what I saw everything what you want or try in future is important to check if this solution will be working on your machine PC.
That why many open source code open-free and non-free for diffrents peripheral device.
I don't have problem with installation Zorin 16 Pro because I go with guide on this forum topic Fresh Installation Zorin Pro.
You asking why Zorin 16 have more users on forum asking support?
That is simple more people have old machines and price for new PC is expensive.
Zorin GUI is near Windows distribution also very popular on youtube channels.
Zorin good for Gaming. People are tired crashing blue screen Windows 10 updates. Windows 11 only for computers with TMP 2.0


Before you go suggesting the Zorin OS GNOME extensions, those are very out of date and incompatible with newer GNOME versions

I love the Zorin OS experience and design language -- I think it's a truly beautiful execution of flat design -- however, what I don't like is apt-get; almost all packages are extremely out of date, and even on the experimental channel you are guaranteed to get some of THE most outdated software available. Is it possible to use the Zorin DE on top of any other distro?

Thats not Zorin's fault directly. Since Zorin is Ubuntu based, they are using the Ubuntu repository, and its Ubuntu who packages outdated software. Infact, you would be surprised to know that Kdenlive in the Ubuntu repository was 2-versions old until they finally updated it.

A way to get a newer version of the software, is to go to the APPS website and download the DEB file, or you could go to Github and get a newer version there.

There is also another way by adding a 3rd party PPA to install it in terminal. But I heavily caution using that method, as when it comes to 3rd party PPA's, you never know what server your connecting to, what virus's might be there.

I am aware that this is not directly Zorin's fault -- but I just don't want to go through all of that hassle, and as you said, risk getting my device infected by malware. The point of my original question was if it was possible to get Zorin's DE on Arch (which I know is possible, but I wanted to know if there was an easy way to do it)

You mean configuration iso to arch distribution or something where you can used packages from arch?

There are a number of different DE's available on Arch or manjaro , but the Zorin customized version of gnome is not one of them. It certainly is possible for an ambitious person or group with the skills.

No, there is not.

Moved the Zorin OS DE on Arch? To this topic because they are essentially the same.

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