Zorin OS Pro Lite Layout gone after clicking KDE on settings

Hello, I recently bought Zorin OS 16 Pro last week, and I've become curious about KDE on settings and click the personalizations there. Then the premium layouts become gone after I reboot my laptop. The pre-installed apps are still there, along with the Zorin Appgrid, but the layout has gone. I uninstalled the KDE apps after they messed up my layout.

You may need to use Synaptic package manager to remove any KDE - Plasma Desktop remnants.
Once done, you might rename your ~/.config directory by tailing it with -bkp so it looks like .config-bkp
Then log out and in and test.


I just learned recently that using SPM to remove some programs is the only way to go especially after one stuffs things up using the terminal commands and can't remember all the commands he used .... :roll_eyes:

Very interesting looks like a complete history of my terminal commands .... to date I have made 994 commands in the terminal .....

It appears that on average I make 4.75 terminal commands per day .... :thinking: :nerd_face:

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