Zorin OS Pro workspace issue - open windows collapse in to one workspace

Hi folks. Newbie to Zorin OS 17 here. I have the Pro version and love it. I have 4 workspaces (the one that came with the OS). I typically use 2 or 3. After resuming the computer (not a laptop) from suspend or after unlocking, I find that all my open windows show up in one workspace and I have to drag them back again. Anyone else encounter this? Any thoughts, help/suggestions are appreciated. TIA.

Do you have more than one monitor plugged into the machine?

From what I've researched, this may be related to multiple monitors.

The monitor takes a while to wake up and the windows are moved to the workspace of the currently active monitor.

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This is an old solution but may work:


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I have a single monitor. Thanks for your response.

Thank you, I will give this a try.