Zorin OS software server

So I'm just confused because I don't know what server the updates are supposed to be downloaded from cuz it showed one server a while back and then now I'm going to go load up my telegram and it said I need to update my graphics driver and everything's up to date on this so and I noticed that under the additional drivers it does not show anything so there's no updates but I noticed another thing shows that the software is downloading from under the authentication shows this and I don't know where this is coming from because it did not say this a couple of weeks ago and I've been using 2017-18 so anybody know what this is or where can find my graphics driver because it tells me to be updated but it doesn't show any update section and before it never said this name jammy Maine restricted and then it says recommended update source code so I don't know what is going on but I update my stuff regularly and when I go to do the update field it won't let me change it it says custom

Go to the first tab and change to Main Server.

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Follow @swarfendor437 Advice and try it again. If that not works, please open the Terminal and type sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade and type in Your Password. Copy the Output please here so that we can see it.

Yeah, Nvidia's drivers are funky and won't work 100% reliably with Telegram (or any QT applications) in their testing.

You can re-enable full OpenGL Support in Settings > Advanced[1] somewhere, but be aware that it may cause bugs.

Other than that, everything is fine here from the pictures you showed, nothing to worry about.

  1. in Telegram, I mean ↩︎