Zorin OS Tee Shirt and stickers

Do you know where I find Zorin OS stickers or tees?


Referring to @AZorin

I'd like to know the same thing!

As far as I know, I haven't seen any sign at all, that they have merch to sell, otherwise it would be advertised all over their site like Youtubers constantly do, talking about it for every video they post.

I don't know how I'd look walking around with a big Z on my shirt, people might think that I am Zoro, trying to vanquish tall grass out of people's yards, in order to get them out of violation from HOA regs.

5-inches, oh no, this won't do, not regulation. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:



I was mainly looking for a sticker to cover up the Windows logo of my surfacebook that I run Zorin on lol


Thank You so much for the laugh. The Zorin Z definitely could be merged into a cosplay costume for a Zorin super hero. The hero could be fighting for open software and freedom from terrible EULAs. The champion of open source. Move over Tux there is a new hero in town. We just need a comic and a theme song and we are set to go.

I like to make people laugh, especially during tough times, when people need it the most. Yep, Tux can hang up his tux, Zoro is taking over. Hehe :grinning:

I must learn to read things carefully. When I first saw this item I thought the title was "Zorin OS Tee Shirt and knickers". Now that would be different :rofl:

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Thats called causal wear when you just don't give a hoot, or when its so hot your melting even in the shade. Linus Tech Tips sells knickers, I doubt he's sold that many pairs though lol.

A couple of years ago I looked into this idea, but found nothing interesting. If you go to zorinos.com/press/ you will read: "Download Zorin OS logos, screenshots and other brand assets for use in promotional material." " Contact us. "
Perhaps they might consider some stickers or whatever if approached. Who knows? Or you could download and print something yourself.

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