Zorin OS theme on Ubuntu with xfce

I'm running Ubuntu on an arm processor. So I don't have many resources. Therefore no GNOME, where there are already instructions on the Internet.
How can I run the Zorin OS theme and layout on my Ubuntu with xfce?

You can add the Zorin OS repository:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:zorinos/stable

Then update with sudo apt update and install the Zorin OS themes:

sudo apt install zorin-desktop-themes

These include XFCE themes for Zorin. Apply using your Window Manager and your Appearance settings.

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@Aravisian. @Bourne That looks great.:+1: But I'm still missing the layout I'm used to from Zorin. Also, it would be pretty cool to have the Zorin Software Store back. Know you add that too?

That means you uninstalled gnome packages.
Maybe here help

and here
sudo apt install --reinstall gnome-software

@Bourne Da stands valid for most Linux distributions with GNOME. I have xfce as written above, would that still work?

The layouts are part of Zorin OS. If the installation Bourne pointed above did not work:

sudo apt install zorin-appearance-layouts-core

Then I am not sure what else would be needed.
However... XFCE is very easy to configure. Why not just set it up by configuring the panel, etc. in the style you prefer?

Using recovery or repair package files when start linux could repair issue with zorin store.

Restart and shutdown functions are grayed out and do not work with the terminal either. Could be because the whole operating system with GUI is run through a terminal. Synaptic will install but not start. The original Zorin OS Store does not show apps and

has no effect. "Zorin Appearance" selection field doesn't start anything. It's all a bit special.

You are on Ubuntu, correct?

Yes correct

It may well be that given the ARM envirnoment, some Zorin OS Specific apps will not work correctly. Or, necessary compnonents that are part of the Zorin Desktop are missing.
I had installed Zorin OS (for fun) on my galaxy S6 cell phone. There's a couple of pictures around on the forums somewhere of it...
I installed and used my own Azenis theme on it and set the layout up on it the same way I had it on my PC at the time.
XFCE is highly configurable. You would spend less time and energy making the desired configuration, I think, than in trying to force fit some apps onto the device.

How did you do that? With Qemu or Limbo or what? Zorin OS doesn't have an ARM version or indeed?


And if you ask for details of how - It's been a while and I do not remember all that I had done. :stuck_out_tongue:

My point, though, is that you can just set the configurations you prefer, yourself.

You said that Termux is a terminal emulator for Android and you don't know how to run operating systems with it. Do you remember? That was 3 months ago. You seemed surprised it was even possible.

I used Termux, over a year ago ON That build, and in order to make certain things work. What surprised me was that you said you had installed an operating system ON Termux.

The instructions stated the fact that I did this with Qemu. You probably too. It is now possible to use the Android kernel without Qemu and, for example, to run Ubuntu but not yet Zorin OS.

It may be that I did.
What I remember, aside from it taking me a week to get it done (lol) was that I moved the .iso files onto a separate disk, then installed compatibility layers onto the phone, first.
Then I moved the install onto the phone from the separate disk.
It was installed, but a few things were not working properly - which is when I learned about Termux and installed it- which I then used to correct what wasn't working.
I still have the phone and Zorin is still installed on it. The battery has been dead for at least ten months now... But I can try booting it up and exploring.

In the meantime, though, we stray from the point. And that point is that you can configure the layouts you want without a need for the Zorin OS app to do it.
I actually prefer to, since I can save them and apply them at need. Whereas with Zorin Appearance Layouts on XFCE, changing layout immediately erases all record of your current configuration.

I can try it. But I can't change the language because I can't reboot. Then it's harder to fight your way through.

It took me 5 days to make it. With Zorin OS 6.1 at 641 MB, the boot process took 4 hours for me. With a fast device S20 FE even only 6-8 minutes. But still not practical. Was it that slow for you too?

No... not at all. It powered right on and worked fine.
Honestly, it worked almost as well as my full-fledged tablet computer does.
I used Zorin OS 12.