Zorin OS Themes?

Hi There

I was wondering if there are any theme's / theme managers out there for Zorin OS ?

Coming from Elementary OS, there was individual colours for folder types (Music / Movies being a basic example).

The plain single colour look for folders in Zorin is boring and hard on the eyes

a theme manager would be great to use with a single click to change not just the colours but the theme layout too



Hi Rich,

If you right click on a folder, there's an option called "Folder's Color". You can also set Emblem on folders.

From my understanding, there is no centralized theme manager for Gnome. You can easily change the theme up in the Zorin appearances app or alternatively you can install Gnome tweaks which lets you do it with a bit more control over it. There are a lot of themes available in the Softwares app. You can search for them there or alternatively download them from other sources on the internet. There are some websites that act as a central hub for Gnome themes and customization but I hope someone else can mention the noteworthy ones as I am not familar with them.

ah ok thanks.
For now the colouring of the folders works quite well

btw, I have managed to get an animated background working on Zorin OS (which would also have been nice just to have it as an option in the appearance view that the user could point to a video file).

check it out :-

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more passable now

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