Zorin OS ultimate has an inappropriate game

Dear Zorin OS team,
please fix this issue ASAP . in zorin os ultimate there is a game called supertuxkart but the game promotes inappropriate content to children . So it labels itself as a Kids game but the truth is that this has content that kids shouldn't see . there is a level in the game called 'Grand Paridoso Island' and when you ride a little in that island you will see women in Bikinis . so please remove this game from zorin os ultimate edition ASAP .

RandomPenguin1778, thanks for your feedback and bringing attention to the women in bikinis.
There are many Parental Control applications that can be installed and used on Zorin OS:

You also are able to remove the game with

sudo apt remove --purge supertuxkart

You can clean up any residual files remaining with

sudo apt autoremove

Also, tagging thread for the ZorinGroup's consideration: @azorin @zorink

Good afternoon,
The women in bikinis you mention do not represent any adult, violent, discrimination, suggestive or anything that should label this game with a "PEGI" +12. The woman's body is something totally natural, this game is still quite correct for children. Thank you very much for the warning, but you should not worry at all about this female representation which does not imply anything that a child cannot see.


God forbid taking kids to the beach, it's crawling with exposed human skin. :smile:


This is where Linux is good, you can uninstall it, even if it comes preinstalled.

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It is true that some visage is harder to avoid. My Net Search History now includes "supertuxkart women in bikinis" due to this thread...

I am reminded of "how often we meet our destiny on the road we take to avoid it." Many Water Parks in the U.S.A. are primarily aimed at families and children and are filled with women in bikinis and LifeGuard attendants in One Piece swimwear. Not to mention beaches and Victorias Secret stores at Malls. I have often found myself amused at water parks by girls wearing the skimpiest swimwear they could buy, yet subconsciously tugging at it constantly making sure everything is in place. If wearing it makes you do that- why wear it?
Zorin OS is a global phenomenon and not all cultures and parenting is as liberal as some others. Fortunately, the ability is present for parents that find certain material objectionable to remove the game.

I guess it would be best to remove it but in my own perspective, I let my sisters and brother play supertuxkart without them noticing the women in bikinis.

Fair enough, but OP wants the devs to remove it completely which makes me shake the head. As is if his view is the right and only one.


I do agree with you. A complete removal from the Zorin OS Pro edition (Formerly Ultimate) is to place ones own designs over everyone else...
Spend Five Minutes in my presence and you already know far better than you ever wanted to where I stand on that position (PLAGUE!)
User Customization and choice are what makes Linux a Great Operating System.

I recall some reactions here in the U.S.A. to the game GTA5...


My take on this, control what offends you and don't infringe on my rights. I like playing the game and want it to stay . . .


Ok, so people have different opinions, my opinion is to remove supertuxkart from the ultimate edition but many people's opinions is to keep supertuxkart . so how about making a feature where users can choose which games do they want in zorin os ultimate ?

Zorin 15 Ultimate / Zorin 16 Pro includes a standard software bundle chosen for a general audience. If a particular app is not to your taste then you can easily uninstall it. If you want to install different games you can always do that as well.


This is a good suggestion and has even been suggested before. A more customized approach to getting the Distro Disk you really want.
The trouble with it is in enabling such a feature that can adapt and customize - Zorn OS has around a million users. They all only need download One Operating System. If it was customizable in this manner, each tailored copy would need to be assembled per request.

As it is, you have the ability to install or remove at will. I remove Gedit, for example and I install Pluma or Xed. I remove Totem (Gnome Media Player) and install Xplayer. In fact, I kinda don't actually use or keep a lot of what comes with Zorin. Most of the games do not interest me at all...

I am not really sure, myself, what comes with Zorin OS Education. But that is aimed specifically toward children, students and educators. It might be worth looking into for you. Zorin OS Education comes with a Lite version and comes with Veyon for active monitoring and management.

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Karens in the wild! :astonished:

Yes, Karen. :blush: