Zorin OS Ultimate - No verification

Hello Everyone this is Derek, I'm wondering a bit about Zorin OS Ultimate, by doing a quick DuckDuckGo/Google Search "Zorin OS Ultimate Download" will reveal some links people can use to install the Operating system. is there no copyright on it. or Even a request for the Activation Code to use it? Because it seems weird that i would pay for something and there is no verification to see if I bought it. Eg: anyone with the file could theorhetically use it without reprocussion.

Reccomendation for Activation Key/Code to use the Operating system. would make it much more harder for pirates to use

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Hi, I am sure others can tell you more about the philosophy behind, but there is no activation code for Zorin. Purchasing Ultimate is a form of showing gratitude for the developer. If you do not mind to spend some time, you could create something similar to the Ultimate from the free Core version.

After you made a payment, you will receive the download link in you registered email address. You are allowed to install any number of computers which belongs to you and which you use. In another words, the licence is issued to you regardless of the number of machines you have. But if you are going to install it for your colleagues/friends/relatives you need to purchase another licence for each one of them.

If you are ready to pay for it, I suggest you to wait for the upcoming release of Zorin 16. Purchasing 15.3 will give you a discount but you still have to pay for 16.


How much is the discount?


I have no idea. You'd better ask Zorin team.


I concur with what has been said about Zorin Ultimate. The idea in acquiring it is to support the project.
Maybe some people will say that it is too expensive, but they forget that it is much cheaper than Windows 10 which puts several restrictions (you can only install it on one computer per license, for example). Here we start from the good will of the people, hence there is no activation code.
What stands out the most is the support received from the developers, ideal for newcomers to the world of Gnu Linux.


Yes I see your point, but not having a DRM is a good thing. DRM systems invade the user's privacy and you can build Zorin Ultimate from the source code on your own for free anyway. So as far as I understand, Zorin Ultimate is a way to support the developers for their hard work and getting a quality product in return.
At the end of the day, fighting piracy is a battle that could only end one way. The developers could work on the OS itself rather than working on a DRM system that would get cracked in a matter of hours by a dedicated few.


Well said :slight_smile:
I've never looked at a system of licence code that way.
Thanks for your enlightening comment :bulb:


How so,

Couldn't one make it that Zorin OS's installer requests for the activation code then checks if it's correct on an encrypted server for response. if it's incorrect the features provided in the Ultimate would be removed

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But why would you fix a problem that doesn't exist? Introducing a DRM to Zorin creates way too many problems than it fixes.

Imagine every day that you turn your computer on, Zorin rings home to check if your OS key is valid. And if Zorin cannot verify your code (for example you dont' have internet connection for a period of time), the OS will just cease to function. The OS DRMs bind to your hardware unique ID so that you don't install it on more computers that you are supposed to. You can be very easily identified from that. That is privacy invading since your PC configuration is very identifiable and you can be bound to that. Also, if you try to change too many PC components, the DRM will trigger since as long as it is concerned, you are using it on another PC. Many Windows users face the grim realization that they need to re-buy Windows 10 after they swapped their Motherboards or their GPU and RAM.
Also the DRM is going to be implemented in the OS on such a deep level that it would become irremovable. Meaning that the system would not function without that. Linux is all about having control over your device. With such systems built in in the device, you will lose your privacy, control, and subsequently, your freedom.
Look at Windows... what good did DRMs bring them? Funnily enough, many DRMs get released before even the official software is publicly released.
To quote Gabe Newell,

The easiest way to stop piracy is not by putting antipiracy technology to work. It's by giving those people a service that's better than what they're receiving from the pirates.

Everything that I said is just the tip of the iceberg, but the short version is that no DRM is always better... for everyone.

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I'm talking from the installation point sir. not Daily, I belive that if you Buy Zorin 15 it's a lifetime subscription.

Also couldn't the server just check how many times it was installed? and there could be a dashboard to de-activate computers connected using the key

But what would be the point then? Not only Zorin will receive negative reception from implementing a DRM, but it also would be a very poorly functioning DRM. The way I described the DRMs in my post above is the method it is implemented in Windows and many mainstream popular apps.

Exactly, there could be. Yet another reason to not want DRM in a system.

Also keep in mind that many people who come to Zorin/Linux from Windows/Mac they come for the reason that the OS allows them to have privacy, control, and freedom. DRM is anti privacy and control. DRM just makes the life of both the user and the developer hell. Also keep in mind that, if Zorin wants to go that route, then Zorin OS needs to become closed source as well. Otherwise people could just build the OS on their own.

In all honesty, I don't see a good, and beneficial reason to include a DRM in Zorin. It's just a lose-lose scenario... both for the user and the developer.

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People can. If you download and install Zorin OS Core, you can then assemble the essence of Zorin OS Ultimate on your own. Every part of it is Open Source. There may be one layout that the average user may not be able to set up, but an experienced Linux user should have no trouble.

Zorin OS Ultimate is expertly assembled and as an option, removes the hassle of not just installation, but conflict-free meshing of apps. But it exists for the purpose of Supporting the ZorinGroup and development.

The Zorin Group does Zorin OS full time. And the Zorin Group should be able to earn a living and be paid for those hours of hard work.

I am not one who puts the Zorins on a pedestal. I am sure they put their pants on one leg at a time and I have disagreed with Artyom Zorin on a variety of issues, some quite publicly.
But it takes even the most casual of glances at Zorin OS 16 to see the hard work, dedication and care put into its development. By just Two People.
That Zorin OS 16 includes Panel Settings, Software Sources, etc. shows that User Voices have not only been heard- but diligently answered.

Choosing Zorin Ultimate is a way users can support the developers, keep the project alive and give payment where payment is due. It's not about the Ultimate OS, it is about Zorin OS as a whole. It is honor based, primarily because generally, people are Honorably Donating to the Zorin Group by choosing Zorin OS Ultimate. It is not necessary to restrict it, since it is what it always was- a "Thank You" to the developers and a great Operating System for the user.

Most users that visit this forum are clear as to why they chose Ultimate. It was not a need. It was not necessary. It was because they believe in Zorin OS. It is a way of supporting FOSS to Keep FOSS Around.

For a Business, this hits even closer to home. For a Business, a city counsel, a school; They can receive discounts on Zorin OS Ultimate. This is fascinating, given the purpose Zorin OS Ultimate serves... and it goes to show that Zorin OS Ultimate is not "bought". It is "Chosen."


Couldn't have said it better myself. Thank you for your thorough comment.

As a side note, I did not know that Zorin is developed by only two people. It certainly doesn't feel like it. Wow... huge respect to the brothers.


Kyrill Zorin and Artyom Zorin.

It really makes you wonder how they manage their time. There are a few smaller distro groups- I believe Elive is developed by only One person.
But that Zorin OS is such a ready contender against the Larger Supported Distros like Linux Mint is pretty mind-boggling.

When Zorin OS 15 was first introduced, I admit, I was not much impressed with it over Zorin 12. In fact, I am still running Zorin 12.4 on one of my machines.

But Zorin 16 Alpha blew me away. Knocks your socks off. A few days before Zorin 16 Alpha was available, I was actually looking at other distros and tested a few. Then I loaded up Alpha and it put the Big Dogs to shame, with blazing fast performance and far better app meshing.
As much as it galls me to say it, Zorin 16 made Gnome almost usable for me. Prior to Zorin 16, I did not allow Gnome on my computer except as a test-bed on an isolated partition - and I almost only ever accessed it in extreme emergencies. Now, I use XFCE and Cinnamon - but Gnome is in the list at log in and I can log in and use it, test, check commands, settings etc. for theme-building or trying to help someone on the forum without that dread I used to feel when booting up the Gnome Environment. I still log out of it as soon as able... But it is far more tolerable thanks to the tweaks and fixes Zorin Group added. Coming from me, that says a lot.
Wild horses couldn't drag Zorin OS 16 off my computer.