Zorin OS Ultimate / Pro costs and figures

Core is the full version. The only thing missing is the mac and win11 layouts and the preinstalled programs, which can be downloaded and installed for free. The purpose of paying is for paid support and to support the project.

You don't buy a new car and expect the next years version for free, do you?

Windows offers the free upgrades because you end up paying for storage or services used with the operating system. They are more focused on services now than os. That's also why it's half baked and buggy. If you believe you are owed this, maybe you should stick with windows.

Windows is a multi-billion dollar company that utilizes a large number of Target Market Advertising schemes and personal Data mining in order to make money- so they can use the "google" approach: Offer a "free" product that brings people in to mine.

Zorin OS is developed by Two people. Astounding as the OS is, it really is assembled by just two people. They do rely on a lot of Open Source code; that is what makes Linux a phenomenon. But they work on Zorin OS full time.

  • There is no personal information mining, selling or sharing.
  • There is no spyware
  • There are no third party ads

Coming from Windows, it is easy to lose the comparison. It is, after-all, what you are used to. You don't walk into the Microsoft Headquarters every day or anything.


I am very grateful to the two developers. I was not complaining but suggesting a way that would encourage users to give a steady stream of support by offering a discount for regular users.

I appreciate the efforts of everyone here!


You have not come across as complaining at all - you are raising valid points.
It can be moreso for those that purchased Zorin OS 15 Ultimate a week before Zorin OS 16 Pro was released- because they did not know that 16 was due out.
And it is important they be helped, too (Which ZorinGroup has enacted a plan for).

Aravisian, where do you get this figure from? It equates to US$31.20

I think Zorin charge US $39 for the Pro version. Unless you're British, in which case you pay UK £39 (equates to US $53.55 at todays exchange rate). Then you have VAT @20% on top of that, so that's UK £46.80 which equates to US $63.27 in total.

I don't mind in the least paying this for a superb operating system like Zorin and am actually keen to support them in this way.

What annoys me is that I pay more, as Brit, than an American. Quite a bit more. It's US $39 or UK £39 and they are quite different amounts for the same product, written in Ireland......

Now that is definitely one thing that needs to be sorted out. It's not justified in any way or at least that I could make any reasonable sense of.

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It is based on the average release cycle of Zorin OS which is approximately 16-18 months. My estimate did not include Taxes as that is a huge variable and I'm not touching it.

Please understand.. Us Americans...
We're cute.

We're really cute.


Mate, I don't doubt it......but Russians are more cute......I married one :slight_smile:

I should ask my wife to speak with the Zorin boys.....


Ah, but they are Ukrainian descent. :wink:

Ah, not as cute as Siberians.....:wink:

I think that price difference is a generally valid point. Part of the trouble may be the exchange rate fluctuations, causing the "easy" approach of levelling it.

I hear you but in today's age it isn't a big stretch for 2 x highly skilled programmers to set a price in Euro's (because they are domiciled in Ireland) and then upon payment they use the Mid Market ForEx rate for your particularly currency and convert it to Euro's automatically. Happens all over.

The tax part is country dependent and that's fair enough, I also don't mind paying my taxes so long as they are fair and proportionate.

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Why not shoot them a PM covering this point? It's not unreasonable and though busy, for sure, they can still see the message and make a note to examine it when they have time. I see no harm in it.

I may do that in a couple of months or so once this new release is bedded down. At the moment I suspect they have their hands full and it's not something I'm going to fall into a ditch over. As we're fond of saying here, 'Keep calm and carry on.'

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But you have to pay with your shiny new hardware.
There is a lengthy thread about upgrade to Win 11 in this forum. In fact, none of 7 computers we have at home are eligible to upgrade to Win 11.

Thats probably because they are all older then 2018, or lack a TPM module. And MS don't want you to be able to install Windows 11 on older computer's then a few years ago. They claim its all about security reasons but I don't buy it.

And that TPM module that they claim makes everybody so secure that its required? Turns out, the little encryption device is hackable, thats right. That TPM module that is supposed to be ohhhhhh so secure, is totally hackable by hackers, and they can steal your encryption keys and unlock the computer.

In reality, all MS is doing is pushing people to Linux. Yeah sure, they say, you can still use Windows 10 till 2025. But what are you going to do after then ha? Buy a new computer so you can still use Windows? Smart move is moving to Linux, which many are doing.


I have already find a way to override this restriction :wink:
I think I gave a tutorial somewhere in this forum.

But it is not for beginners.

Don't forget that monthly or annual fee for your security/antivirus software you need for windows.


and office 365, not to mention all the other features they are going to be monetizing (in addition to one drive). It won't be right away, but you'll see it come out that you have to pay something somewhere to use your system.

The most annoying thing about windows is the updating system, they eat so much space. I bought a 1tb nvme drive a few months ago, i only installed windows on it. When i looked at smart it said i have written over 700gbs already. Pfffff

Also i dont like the reboot after each update (or forced reboots). Or all the telemetry.


@Aravisian AGREED, AGREED!! For about half of what one spends on a tank of gas is the investment with a return. A night out with that special someone cost lots more than $40 USD. If your worried about price after all these years of shelling out 100 bucks a pop for the many 95, 98, 2000, XP, 7, 10...you sweat $40 :yum: