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With the Apple really starting to push Os Upgrades, the biggest trend I am seeing is that more and more iMacs and Macbook Pro's with really decent specs are now obsolete. Many Mac users (myself included) are feeling the OS is moving faster than the hardware and Apple pushing (indirectly) to get people to purchare new hardware when in the past a Mac machine would typically survive many OS upgrades and we could enjoy the benefits of a current OS with security patches for very long time.

This trend is creating a lot of Mac users with macs that have unsupported OS's and a rapidly decreasing ability to continue using it cause the App Store has restrictions on unsupported software so you are stuck with what you have at the moment.

I think Zorin can take advantage of this trend, by offering key MacOS compatibility through open source projects like Darling (https://www.darlinghq.org/) which are the wine alternative to macos. I think many would try Zorin OS on those older macs and if it had Darling as well as Wine you are position Zorin to be OS of choice to sew two worlds together.

Personally I was able to build and install Darling and glad I tried since I did not have to purchase all new licenses and alternatives programs for things I had already paid.

Thoughts anyone?


Whilst I really like Darling, it is not NEARLY as complete as Wine is for the Windows End.
You can barely get most GUIs[1] to run under Darling. Only recently were they able to run Apple's basic text editor.

  1. CLI is fine ↩︎

I'm curious about which programs that are MacOS specific you are trying to replace :thinking:

Well, great news about that actually, Apple is being sued by the US government, for monopolistic tactics, like locking you into their ecosystem, and their apps, and giving you no other choice. Part of all of this is about anti-trust violations, which is what monopolies commonly violate.

Apple is in real deep water right now, and I doubt they are going to wiggle their way out of this one, using their fancy pants lawyers. The government has all the proof they need to go after them. And the truth is, I watch a lot of Linus Tech Tips, and he has always covered every every stupid thing Apple has done.

So I've already been aware of Apples monopolistic tendencies for some time now. Thats what their stupid proprietary lightening cable and magsafe cable garbage was all about too, locking you into their cables, so you could use no other's. Are you aware that the EU already went after Apple for that garbage too?

Yep, in order for Apple to sell a phone in Europe, it must use the latest standard, USB C. As usual, the US falls behind the EU in regulating corporations, but at least were finally doing something about it. So all these problems you are talking about, software not following hardware, Apple locking you into their eco system with nowhere to turn.

No worries, government is working on solving that problem as we speak. And when the government wins the lawsuit against Apple, Apple will finally have to pay the piper, and start making decisions for the people, not against them.


Preach it, brother!

Did anyone watch Silicon Valley - on HBO?! Apple's looking a lot like Hooli right now! In one of their faux pas, the owner of Hooli (Gavin Belson) says "Sh--.. How bad is it; it's not Apple Maps bad.. is it??" :rofl: I need to go back and re-watch that again!


Great show! I guess I have no choice but to go back to watch it again now :joy:

You might enjoy Louis Rossmann as well (also available on YouTube, if you prefer), plenty of content calling out Apple and companies doing all sorts of not too ethical stuff.


Absolutely - I turned so many of my I.T. coworkers onto it :laughing:

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That.... would be great, actually. The problem though, is that macOS compatibility is limited right now, so my guess is that NOT EVEN XCODE is able to run on other Unix systems.

Most of the CLI utilities run, but not the full XCode GUI

@anon2532484 - yep very true, but like wine in the beginning it too was limited. I think this is one of those ideas that if a OS provider like Zorin takes notice and adds its as part of a specialized edition (albeit, you can just add it yourself) it may help the Darling group get a bit energized.

@zenzen - mostly development tools like Transmit, Tower, and the office suite (pages, numbers, etc.) with a sprinkle of other apps bought from the App store. So maybe (dreaming a bit) have an App Store driver that allows but people to download their purchases onto Zorin with the Darling wrapper (like Wine).

I know it is a stretch in many ways, but there are quite a few apps that I have purchased which could have alternatives in the Linux ecosystem but like everything, you are stuck having to re-learn a new way of doing things, and well at times features are just not as advanced as the commercial counterparts.

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