Zorin OS upgrade proxy

Hi I'm trying to upgrade from Zorin 16 to 17 but I'm getting this errors

[CHECKING] Started
[CHECKING:Validating Upgrade Attempt] Started
[CHECKING:Validating Upgrade Attempt] Fatal Error: { Could not connect: Socket I/O timed out }
[CHECKING:Validating Upgrade Attempt] Failed

I'm behind a proxy and I've configured environment variables (which has been working pretty well with almost everything), also I've used the Gnome proxy option under the configurations panel but none of this worked. Is there any way to make the upgrader tool to use proxy configuration?

Did you first follow the steps outlined here?:

Yes, I updated the sources and upgraded every package, including Snaps and Flatpak
I even got an upgrade of Zorin OS Upgrader

Is your UFW (FireWall) enabled?

I disabled it too