Zorin os upgrade to 16.2 core

Hey guys i have a Dell Vostro 3590 laptop and it was having zorin os 16 previously. Then due to some issue it was not performing great at gaming that's y i installed zorin 16 lite . But i now want to install zorin os 16.2 core again and to play old games . So i wnat help in :

1: upgrade zorin os lite to zorin os core 16.2

2: like Ubuntu i wnat a performance mode

3: or maybe a gaming mode for old games

4: and upgrade without losing files . Apps can be deleted but not files .

Regards Adit

First... that would not be an "upgrade." An Upgrade would be if you installed Zorin OS 17...
You are only seeking to install the other desktop environment.
Gnome is not an upgrade over XFCE.

sudo apt install zorin-os-desktop

Follow any prompts if offered for GDM

At log in, log in on the Zorin Desktop instead of the Zorin Desktop Lite.

The above will install Zorin OS with Gnome without deleting any apps or files.

These two really could have their own thread about suggestions to optimize performance on Gnome.

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So as u said that would not be an upgrade. Like on my other laptop which has Zorin OS 16 core has everything different like settings app software app . Menu area near wifi icon etc etc . If i just change the desktop environment like u said . What would be the difference between a fresh installed zorin os 16.2 and a changed environment.

Aside from different navigation and settings, nothing really.
Installing the zorin-os-desktop as described above will get you the same basic user experience as installing Zorin OS Core fresh.
It's just that doing this way, hopefully you save the headache of reinstalling.
And... you can switch between either desktop at will.

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So i installed it but with few issues like copying files above 500 mb gets stuck and never continues second my pendrive never gets mounted and when doing it manually a error comes . With few other downsides i am ready to fresh install zorin os
. Will copy files into a pendrive and then fresh install .

I agree, a fresh install may be needed.
Simply put; Installing a Desktop Environment cannot cause issues like:

There are other things going on with your installation.
A fresh start may be beneficial.

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There are many issues that is occurring that forces me to fresh install like sometimes my sd card not showing if showed does. Not format etc etc so i will do a fresh install and tell u what happened
Thank u .
Regards Adit

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Installation was successful and will continue to test .

After a successful installation. Everything is going fine . All keys on keyboard works everything works all is fine

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