Zorin OS used by local authorities

Hey the Zorin OS team,

Following this article, updated in 2016,

I was wondering if the Zorin team has some references of European local authorities using Zorin OS. And Zorin Grid.

I would like to promote Zorin OS (Windows version) and FLOSS to the local authorities.
Some references would be welcome

Thank you for your time and consideration.

jre10. From France
Feel free to contact me in French or in English.


Hi jre10, sorry for the late response.

Around a year after Vicenza started their migration to Zorin OS, the Austrian newspaper Der Standard followed up with the municipality to publish a case study.

The full article is available here in German:

You can press the pink button after clicking this link to view the article, and copy the text into Google Translate to read it in English or French.

It was actually based on the feedback in this case study that we decided to start developing Zorin Grid so that other governments, businesses, and organisations could make the switch to Zorin OS even easier.

Zorin Grid is still under active development, so we don't have any case studies of it yet. If you wish, I could add your email address to our early access list so you – or the local authorities you're in contact with – could be among the first to beta test Zorin Grid later this year.


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