"Zorin OS" V.16 Pro - Missing Payment & Download E-Mail / Unsuccessful Payment

I've bought the Pro Version of "Zorin OS" V.16.

I've tried the first time, but nothing happened, the second time... nothing.

I think this was mostly because i had an ad-blocker activated.

Then i've tried the third time and then, it said that my bank account did not have sufficient funds.

So i end up not receiving an payment or a download e-mail.

I've contacted my bank, and they said it was debited two times.

And I Still did not have received an payment or a download e-mail.

How can i get a refund of one of the two purchases made ?
And how can i get the payment and download e-mail ?

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Is there any admin or moderator that could help me in this case, plz ?

We've just sent you an email about this.


Hi, my bank says that both transaction's are still pending...

Will i get a refund of both of them automatically ?

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Both of the pending duplicate transactions have now been cancelled, so the money should be returned to your bank account promptly.

Thank you very much for the support.
Much appreciated.


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