Zorin OS WiFi Will Not Connect After A New Install

I Just Installed Zorin On My PC On 11.07.2022 But Whenever I Use WiFi It Will Disconnect And I Type In The Password Then Takes A Few Minutes Then It Says (WiFi Disconnected) Please Help Me (DELL Optiplex 360) I Installed A WiFi Adapter On My Desktop (It's An Old One But Still Works)

Might be a driver issue

Please post the output from sudo lshw -C network

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You should click on the Device Manager link in the Framework window. Track down the Wi-Fi connector in the rundown of equipment gadgets. Right-click the connector name and select Empower from the spring up menu. We also face this issue at our apartments in Istanbul system. But we solve resolve it with little effort. So, its not a bug issue and no need to worry.

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