Zorin OS will not boot on my HP laptop

Hi, Zorin OS will not boot on my HP laptop alongside Windows. I either receive a fatal error when installing Zorin OS or, if it successfully installs, will not boot. I have checked the bios config for the boot drives and it should be booting into Zorin OS since it is listed before Windows, but it won't boot into Zorin OS and boots into Windows instead. I have tried installing it with secure boot enabled and disabled and nothing seems to work. I do have an Nvidia graphics card (1660ti max-Q 6GB) and have been installing it with the Nvidia graphics drivers.

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What model of laptop are you using; and which version of Windows?

In Windows OS, Control Panel > Power settings, did you ensure Fast Boot or Fast Startup is disabled?

Are you ensuring that Windows fully shuts down before booting into Zorin OS? Windows shut down does not necessarily actually shut down, but instead, hibernates, so that it can just "wake" instead of "initialize" making it appear as though Windows boots up really fast.
If Windows is hibernating, then it can retain control over the hardware.

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Fast boot destroys my laptops battery, so I do not have it on.

Laptop model: "HP Pavilion Gaming Laptop."

What specifically happens when you boot it up?

  • Black screen
  • Error
  • Turns off/reboots

Are you sure you don't have BitLocker on? It prevents specific things from starting up. Normally Zorin would boot & tell you to turn it off, but it didn't tell me; so maybe same thing with you. To turn it off go to your Windows Settings and turn off Disk Encryption. Restart to Zorin & see if it boots.

Black screen

Have a model number by chance? That search brought up like 10 of their gaming rigs lol all different..

@Aravisian Pointed out something I've been neglecting to throw out - Windows will mess with things if not 'shutdown'. I have a Z16.3 dual-boot machine with Win11 - and if I don't specifically 'shutdown', I get some weird results with Zorin.

In your BIOS storage settings, do you have anything relating to AHCI or RAID? If set to RAID, switch that setting to AHCI, then reboot.. If nothing --

When you get to the black screen, press Ctrl+Alt+F2 - that should open a terminal. In that terminal, issue sudo lshw -C video - please snap a photo and post the output of the command. You may have a missing video driver.

Speaking of - does your machine have Nvidia graphics; and if so, when you installed, did you select to start the live disk with 'Modern Nvidia Drivers'?

From OP which may partially answer one of @PlumpKibbles questions.

@Skyler0x That would be a real help to the helpers.

Also I believe HP bios may have other security setting/s extra to Secure Boot, which may need to be defeated. Others here with HP kit may be able to advise.

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