Zorin OS with Windows 11 dual-boot?

Hey, I want to install Zorin OS with the ability to dual-boot Windows 11 on 2(/3) disks. Is it possible without breaking my Windows system?
Disk A is my old installation of windows 11 where the Windows Boot Manager is.
Disk B is my main Windows 11 installation
Disk C is the disk where I want to install Zorin OS

(P S. I'm trying Zorin OS for now. Is there then the ability to uninstall Zorin OS with the GRUB and revert back to Windows Boot Manager? (Ik, weird question to ask on this forum))

Here you go:

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I also dual boot but with Win 10 and Zorin 17 Pro ..... Win is on a 250 GB SSD and Zorin on a 1 TB mechanical HD .... when I start my laptop I have the choice to either open in Zorin or Win but Zorin is first in my boot loader so it will automatically be opened first if I don't choose Win 10 .....

I know some don't like Win but for me it has helped quite a few times when I caused a problem or something didn't work on Zorin ....

Win 10 is a stripped down version and not the full version and as I'm running Win 10 Pro I don't update Windows at all ..... just my personal choice and I don't recommend it for everyone .....

Oh, the young Izuku Midoriya is here ... What an Honor, haha!

It is not a weird Question. When you don't like the System You must see how You get away it. And to know that before You install it simply a good Preparation. And Yes the Ability exists.