Zorin os workspace

so i recently decided to switch to zorin os from windows. so when i was trying it by the try oprion, i wanna ask how do i do that the apps or tabs open in one workspace doesnt show in other workspace, like i used firefox, 2 tabs and put one in differnt workspace both of them are showing in both workspace

Which version were you using? Zorin OS Core or Zorin OS Lite?

i am using zorin os core

This is important. The "Try Zorin" option is intended to give potential users a test drive of ZorinOS look and feel. Unless you have included persistence on your Zorin Live USB some settings will not hold.
Also, from my own experience, I don't think persistence actually worked on my Z16 Core Live USB (created with Unetbootin).

I am not sure f there is a setting in Gnome for "Show on all workspaces". I know it exists in Zorin Lite (XFCE)...

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