Zorin Partitions

I recently reinstalled Zorin 16 Pro and had a question about a drive that wasn't mounted so Star Trecker helped me get it mounted and every thing worked ....

Yesterday I checked to see if material was still going to my partition and found that that partition was again not mounted ... so I mounted it again ... using the same steps as I did before ... and there was material put in the partition ...

Just checked it again and sure enough not mounted .... so I mounted it again and here is what it showed before .... how I mounted it .... and how it is now ....

And again a big thank you to Aravisian for showing me how to get gThumb reinstalled it made a big difference adding photos to my posts ...

Ooooops I for got to take a photo of GParted before the other photos it was the same as the very last photo but showed the partition in question as being not mounted ...

This is strange. Because in my experience, as long as you have set your user defaults to mount at startup, the partition should stay mounted until you have unmounted it manually. Is that what the system is doing, unmounting the drive for no reason?

PS: Love your new avatar, better then the last two, please keep that one.


Yes thanks to FrenchPress I like it to .... looks like it is here to stay ... LOL

As far as I can tell it is and I have no idea why ... I thought we had the problem licked but when I checked yesterday afternoon it was again unmounted so I mounted it .... then again this morning as the photos show it was unmounted again ... I'd check it now but I'm downloading Kubuntu so I can make a live boot and check out the KDE desktop ....

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So far so good it is still mounted .... fingers crossed .... LOL


Sometimes the best way is to go right to the config file. If it isn't mounted again in the future, you can edit /etc/fstab, find the device/ partition you want mounted and add the mount point behind the UUID. If course be sure to include the octal version of the permissions (common are 0007, 0000... your typical owner and group allow all and others read, then there is god mode... all can do everything. ). Hope this helps.


Thank you sir but I'm afraid it will take a bit for me to digest all that .... awwwwww to be young again with a working brain .... LOL

I copied that to my to do file where I can view it bit by bit and put it all together .... thanks


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