Zorin Pro 17 Upgrade Stuck

I have recently purchased Zorin Pro for Zorin 17; however, the installation process is running quite slow. It has been more then 3 hours, and the installation progress bar seems to be stuck in one place. I have both a high-speed internet connection and a decent processor, so I'm not sure what is causing this issue. Can anyone help me with this?

Edit: After 5 hours it completed but with an ERROR:

Upgrade Started
[PREPARING:Validating Upgrade Attempt] Started
[PREPARING:Validating Upgrade Attempt] Completed
[PREPARING:Creating Necessary Files] Started
[PREPARING:Creating Necessary Files] Completed
[PREPARING:Adding GPG Keys] Started
[PREPARING:Adding GPG Keys] Completed
[PREPARING:Restarting Apt] Started
[PREPARING:Restarting Apt] Completed
[PREPARING] Completed
[INSTALLING NEW APPS:Flatpak] Retrying
[INSTALLING NEW APPS:Flatpak] Retrying
[INSTALLING NEW APPS:Flatpak] Retrying
[INSTALLING NEW APPS:Flatpak] Retrying
[INSTALLING NEW APPS:Flatpak] Retrying
[INSTALLING NEW APPS:Flatpak] Retrying
[INSTALLING NEW APPS:Flatpak] Retrying
[INSTALLING NEW APPS:Flatpak] Retrying
[INSTALLING NEW APPS:Flatpak] Retrying
[INSTALLING NEW APPS:Flatpak] Retrying
[INSTALLING NEW APPS:Flatpak] Error: { While pulling app/org.kde.kdenlive/x86_64/stable from remote flathub: While fetching https://dl.flathub.org/repo/deltas/Zt/39tUCEhsod8J_qIOUhT1SoZ7+xWpgHpfnasH2sF78/1: [92] Stream error in the HTTP/2 framing layer }
[SOFTWARE CHANNELS:Processing Repos] Started
[SOFTWARE CHANNELS:Processing Repos] Completed
[SOFTWARE CHANNELS:Adding Repos] Started
[SOFTWARE CHANNELS:Adding Repos] Completed
[SOFTWARE CHANNELS:Updating Apt Cache] Started
[SOFTWARE CHANNELS:Updating Apt Cache] Completed
[INSTALLING UPGRADES:Apt > Calculating Upgradeable Packages] Started
[INSTALLING UPGRADES:Apt > Calculating Upgradeable Packages] Completed
[INSTALLING UPGRADES:Apt > Committing Upgrades] Started
[INSTALLING UPGRADES:Apt > Committing Upgrades] Completed
[CLEANING] Started
[CLEANING:Apt Clean] Started
[CLEANING:Apt Clean] Completed
[CLEANING] Completed
[FINISHING] Completed
Upgrade Completed With Errors

Try remove kdenlive from your installation and run the upgrade again. You can always install it again.

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Any upgrades/installs may take a few hours, my install of 17 (Not pro) took 1 and a half hours

Using the Direct Upgrade option has always taken me the range of 1.5 to 3 hours.

It is one reason I prefer the Fresh Install method. That takes thirty minutes.
And I get a nice fresh clean start.

For users that had a tricky setup of additional software like Printers or VPN's or other complex installations - using the direct upgrade option in Zorin Upgrader is a real boon.

But for most users, the fresh install would actually probably be preferable.

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I have 3 hours installation on hard disk hdd but ssd going faster.


Think I'm going to wait a few months for the Zorin team to work out all the bugs before upgrading. Seems to be a lot of issues going on at the moment. And I'm definitely not waiting 3 plus hours for an upgrade lol. I'll just download the iso from their website and do a fresh install like I normally do. Although, I am curious to see the improvements they've made to the Windows App Support app. Hope all is well in your neck of the woods Aravisian.

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Then better still staying with 16.3 what is support to the end 2025.
Always fresh distribution need some "cosmetics" to working properly.

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Nope. Don't like it. I did a fresh install of 17 last night and, although it works fine, it's incredibly glitchy and slow. My computer has 32GB of RAM, an i7 processor, and a 1TB NVMe SSD drive, and it's running glitchy.

I did some comparison tests between flatpaks, snaps, and appimages to see which ones worked better of the three and flatpaks were the worst, snaps ranked slightly better but still buggy, and appimages ran the smoothest but still laggy.

I also noticed much heavier CPU usage when doing basic tasks, even on the lowest power saving mode, the same tasks that worked perfectly fine on 16.3.

Although I'm sure many people will enjoy the new disign and parallax features, this new update needs a lot of improvements before I'll consider using it again. Back to 16.3 I go...

You are one of several people that experienced an opposite effect of Zorin OS 17.
Most experienced snappier performance.
But reading over the forum, a smaller percentage experience lag, instead. Some commenting that launching an application took as long as 45 seconds.

This definitely needs examination.

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