Zorin Pro has been nothing but a rip-off for me

I purchased 16 Pro last year an still cannot install it. The upgrade package always shows no upgrade available. Now it just says error try later!!! BIG HELP

With your purchase of ZorinOS Pro you had an email address that you can reach out to for support during the installation.

If you are referring to the upgrade from ZorinOS 16 to ZorinOS 17, that is still in the works. There isn't a scheduled release date yet but it's expected to come in the following weeks. Note that a purchase of ZorinOS Pro is only for that particular release, that is, you will need a new purchase for ZorinOS 17, 18, etc.

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No am referring to my purchase of 16 Pro from december 2023 which I still cannot upgrade to. software upgrade only gives me errors try later

In that case, I'd recommend subscribing to the ZorinOS newsletter to be alerted when the upgrade tool is officially released. At the moment the only way to install Z17 is by installing from scratch.

How will i be able to upgrade to 17 if 16 keeps saying error try later for over a year?

I already bought Pro 17 and wasted my money

@macguy44, can we clarify your issue with a timeline?

It looks like you are saying you chose both Zorin OS 16 and Zorin OS 17 Pro. Did you purchase both or just one?
This purchase was made in the range of about a month ago, correct?

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I purchased 16 Pro when it was first released and did a clean install had to wipe all my data from Z15. I have never been able to use the upgrade tool to input my Pro license for 16. Always "get error try again". After a year you think it would work.
I also bought 17 Pro last month hoping I could get the Pro upgrade and now I am told I have to wipe my system again to install 17. This is not worth it. I wasted my money thinking I could upgrade off the iso. The upgrader has never worked for me.

Have you posted previously on the Upgrader Issue?

Zorin OS 15 to Zorin OS 16 is in place and should be fully working.
The Upgrader for upgrading Zorin OS 16 to 17 is currently awaiting official release.

I am running 16 non-pro (since I have no way to input my license), will the Upgrade Zorin OS tool work once 17 upgrade is released?

I can say that the Upgrader tool is supposed to work.
The Upgrader tool is not yet Officially Released for use of upgrading Zorin OS 16 to Zorin OS 17.
However, if you are upgrading non-Pro to Pro on Zorin OS 16, the Upgrader for 15 and 16 is officially released and should work normally.

If you are on Zorin OS 16 and want to upgrade to Zorin OS 16 Pro and the Upgrader is not letting you; try launching terminal and running

sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade

Watch the terminal output for any errors or 404's...
If all packages on Zorin OS 16 upgrade properly, launch the Zorin Upgrader and try upgrading to Zorin OS 16 Pro.
I highly recommend that you also use the Contact Form you got with the Zorin OS Pro email to report your two issues, as well. If you chose Pro in December, the same month that Zorin OS 17 was released, you may want to work with the ZorinGroup to elevate your license to 17 Pro.

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Thanks for your help. Somehow I am running Ubuntu Pro 20.04 now. I got so frustrated with Zorin last year I just let this PC sit for months then tried to get updates myself. I am not going through the nightmare of wiping my system again and install 17Z from scratch and will stay with Ubuntu and say goodbye to Zorin.

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