Zorin Pro installation woes

I was unable to use Zorin Upgrade because I kept getting the following message - "An error occurred. Please Try Again" - with no other information.

I've gone through the process of downloading the ISO, verifying the SHA256 hash, and then installing the OS without any apparent problem. However, when I log in, I don't have any layouts in the Zorin Appearance app. And when I try to open Zorin upgrade I get "An error occurred. Please Try Again"

Support keeps telling me that 1) my ISO must be corrupt (it isn't) or 2) I installed some other program that is interfering (I haven't).

Any suggestions?

Just FYI on the upgrade tool - it's looking for a network connection.. are you connected to any wired or wireless networks by chance?? Sounds like network issues..

If you have installed Z17 via the .iso, what are you aiming to do by using the Zorin Upgrader tool?


Where did you download Pro from?

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