Zorin Pro Lite Storage Requirements

Somewhat perplexed by the high storage requirements of Zorin Pro Lite.

The system requirements quotes 10Gb for Zorin Lite, 40Gb for Zorin Pro Lite.

If I try and install on this garbage tablet device (garbage for W10 anyway) I'm told I can't install because 31.5GB disk space is required and the device only has 31.3GB!

I could try the non-Pro lite, but I suspect it will be quite inferior because of the propriety nature of this tablet.

Don't really understand how I can boot a live OS from an 8Gb USB stick, do anything I want to do - but to actually install I need 24Gb more??

Any tips for bypassing these requirements?

I haven't tried Pro lite only Pro. But there should be a box that says minimal installation - So it won't install all these extra applications.

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Also, in addition to @Storm 's suggestion...
Zorin OS Lite will provide the same experience and functionality as Pro Lite.
Pro Lite comes with additional software and layouts but the operating system is the same. Zorin OS lite and Zorin OS Core do not have Locked Features or Inferior performance that choosing Pro unlocks.
Pro comes with some perks, as a "thank you" for supporting development. The quality is the same.

To address your question, As Storm mentioned above, the Minimal Installation will not install the Additional Software Packages, thereby saving space. The space requirement ensures that there is enough storage that a computer can be comfortably run as the user installs new software, upgrades existing software, builds personal files, downloads content, etc.

I'll try Zorin OS Lite then, but if that is the case I don't understand why there is a quoted 30Gb difference between the two on the website.

In addition, there is no "minimal installation" option on Zorin Pro Lite, it's 31.5GB (0.2GB more than I have) or choose "Quit", the only control over options I had was keyboard layout.

I grabbed an Ubuntu Screenshot online:

It's the screen that looks like that - same that asks about installing updates.

Zorin OS Pro comes with a lot of Additional Software.
The ext4 Filing System does not need to be defragged like Windows does. Where NTFS places data in the first available space, ext4 assigns Blocks for files, allowing expansion room for upgrading or file growth. In this way, files are not fragmented.
Should a file outgrow its block, then a new block is assigned that is larger and the data all moved to that block.
You can see the upside of this; as well as how it can result in a bit more space being needed.
Incidentally, this is also why Linux will show if your drive has bad sectors long before Windows would notice them.

There is no such screen on Zorin Pro Lite.

I'm downloading the Pro lite version as we speak. If there's no such option, the Zorins may want to add this feature to the lite version.


Strange that the lite Pro version doesn't come with a minimal option.



You also get that message even when you don't give the OS a network/wifi connection, which implies that somehow it creates 31.5GB of files from a mere 4.92GB ISO.

That's either an impressive level of information packing, or the 31.5GB requirement is a made up figure with a level of 'accuracy' to make it look genuine.

I have answered this question, Here:

Cool - made up figure that is produced by assigning blocks way bigger than what is required.

In the meanwhile I installed Zorin Lite and it worked without issue and I can't for the life of me work out what I've missed out on versus the '30GB more' Pro version.

Instead of a useless lump of slow Win10 tablet I now have a responsive Linux tablet to go with my Linux based desktop.


That is not what I said. At all.
You seem to prefer to Make Up your own answers while ignoring provided ones.
If you wish to use the forum to learn more about Linux, ditch Windows and use the resources provided, I suggest you ditch the Attitude.
This is not Windows and We are NOT paid Workers compensated to withstand Abuse.
We are Volunteers that dedicate - or refuse - our Help At Will.

So far you've put words in my mouth by implying that I think the non-pro version has inferior performance when I was obviously referring to my tablet potentially being inferior because of it's proprietary "built for windows" nature.

You've claimed that Pro Lite will have a minimal installation option and provided evidence from a completely different version of linux to back that up. In the end it turns out that I (the actual user of the OS) was correct as shown by Storm who took the time to attempt to replicate the issue.

You've stated that the Pro version comes with a 'few perks' then later stated that it comes with 'a lot of Additional Software', which is contradictory.

I managed to install Zorin Lite fully without ever needing to select a 'minimal installation' option. Everything I had on my existing Desktop Zorin Pro system is also available on the tablet, so I don't understand what "additional software" I have given up.

Again, I simply don't understand the difference in required space between the two versions, I can only conclude that the Pro version uses ext4 blocks that are four times larger than the non-Pro version - but I'm sure that isn't the case.

You've assumed that I'm a Windows person with Windows attitudes when actually my main desktop is Zorin Pro, I only dual-boot to Windows for work purposes - cos like most corporations linux is a mystery and they don't seem to realise WebApps has a linux version.

This isn't abuse, it's a conversation with facts as I see them, it's also not directed personally at you unless you are the person who coded the installer to unpack to a fixed size of 31.5GB (as evidenced by the fact both myself and Storm have the same disk space requirements regardless of system specification)

Edit: congratulations on closing the thread because you can't address the issues above.

The space is NOT calculated when two different systems with different architecture require the exact same amount of space regardless of whether you choose to download additional software or not. It's a FIXED figure, not calculated.

Perhaps @AZorin will be able to investigate why.

But whatever, obviously shouting down the new forum member is more important than investigating why a 'lite' Linux OS claims to require ~32Gb on a system that previously had the dreadfully bloated Windows 10 and somehow still had 7Gb of free space out of 32Gb.

I have reported several facts which you have dismissed. You have claimed several facts which have proven to be incorrect.

Hopefully I won't need further assistance, since obviously customers with questions are not welcome here.

I explained it to you. Twice.
You then responded with:

It is not a made Up figure and you choosing to misrepresent how Linux and ext4 works is misleading to other readers. The size of blocks is appropriately calculated.

It is not contradictory.
The additional software is the Perks. I did not, anywhere... At all.. Say "a few".
No where did I say that.

I did not put words in your mouth by explaining the difference between Pro and Lite - I answered the question. You are projecting your own behavior (e.g. "made up" and "few.")

Take some time to adjust yourself to how things work here. You do not get to "make up" your own facts.
Thread closed.