Zorin Pro randomly lagging and crashing

I just bought Zorin and installed it. It really looks great but it is very slow, laggy and apps are hanging and crashing.
I am using a HP elitebook d820 g4 with a i5 7500u, 8gb ddr4 and 250 m2 ssd. When it runs it's running wel but all those hanging and lagging makes it unuseble. What can I do about it?
Btw chrome is randomly disconnenting me from my google account and also some extensions of chrome are disconnecting and are problematic reconnecting.

Can you please check in your BIOS Settings if Secure Boot is enabled or disabled. It should be disabled.

While you are in there, M2 SSD is nVME - Check if you are set to RAID or AHCI.

Edited title for clarification.

Changing bios settings stopped the lagging and crashing. But still the cpu is running 70% and more. Also it is taking a long time to install something if it installs at all. At the moment it's trying to install an update for telegram but it's not finishing. Never had issues like that with any Linux distro.

You might want to check the repository settings and make sure to use a Main not a Local server.

where can i find those settings?

Software & Update

Download server

(my Zorin is in Japanese, wording in English might be slightly different)

already on main...
also still updating telegram app

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I do not have that on my system, but how did you install it?
Was that apt installer? FlatPak or SNAP?

I would actually do a Total Re-installation of Zorin OS at this point...


ok then. i will try that 1st

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Please make sure to verify your downloaded iso SHA256 checksum against the SHA256 checksum published here: Download - Zorin OS

After reinstall everything seems to work as intended. Thanks for the great and fast support!


Clean install = Cure all
in many situations :slight_smile:

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I will attest to that I have my personal backed up and a clean install fixes all. Updates take a liitle time but it's a simple cure.

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