Zorin programming ask help here

I must sayed Zorin is good for programming it have thousand software for programming and testing many things, also for coders is also good.

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I don't code myself but Zorin used to come with Python in Education version but now it seems to have disappeared altogether.

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Well. I using terminal and it is changed a language or idk what is it.
The things what i want and put in terminal working. The commands in my memory cell in brain.

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Hello i would this topic to be alive because sometimes people creating new topics when they have some problems.
It is diffrents about xJvf and xvJf or this is the same?
I wondering it this is mathematic issue with *

I use Zorin for learning programming C#, php, python,etc
I use code mostly and sometimes Vim. I am a full stack developer and need to use windows for work.

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I too code, Python, Javascript, HTML, CSS... sometimes with Django framework. Everything I do is done in Zorin. The networks I connect to have windows machines, but I maintain, using Zorin. I haven't run into a program that I can't find a good alternative for. The only thing that may cause others issue is that I maintain all of that myself. Connection, software, security updates, library updates and such. The admins of the network need only allow my IP and I do the rest.

HTML and CSS my journey was a youtubers video and wordpress popular some 7 years ago. Then i decide a create own webside.
Reading books to understable all commands, first start creating in WampServer.
Then i bought Synology NAS where it was very good idea to be administrator own little server in LAN. Many tools and software.
Now I want do that the same with Linux.
So the propably i don't know where to start but good to start.
Theory with practice more open my mind to understable how it all works.
Some advice @337harvey for me where to start?

You don't need extra libraries or install anything for html or css. Install vscode (extension: live server, prettier and all of the rainbow extensions [brackets, indent...etc.]). This will make your code easier to work with. If you don't want to, a text editor is all you need.

The live server extension allows you to run an html page for you to view as well as see changes as you make them (it restarts automatically when the file changes). It also runs from whatever directory the html file is in. Make sure the html file is open and in focus on vscode when you click live server, otherwise it appears as an ftp server with directories.

The rainbow extensions help you keep track of indents and where brackets end ex: [({<>})]

Once everything is as you want it, you can install a server (locally or in the NAS) and run from there.

I suggest giving VSCodium a try for much better FOSS experience :slight_smile:

Thank you for this. I don't like that it's a paid review. I'll give it a try and let you know what i think. I'm interested in seeing that it uses the vscode extension marketplace. I like what was shown in the video.

It's worth mentioning that extensions may have their own telemetry settings, so you still have to enable/disable them individually. Although most extensions that I've used were pretty clear about what information it's collected.

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I know people using raspberry pi like a nas with vnc.

To my knowledge, VSCodium is only released on GitHub. Please only use official sources when downloading software:

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