Zorin Root space is insufficient

What is the method you used to install?

My installation only work when I use nouveau and acpi=off on the command so that I can install.

Is your drive ssd or nvme or emmc? Did you shut off secure boot, fast boot and or safe boot in the bios?

I have turn off secure boot my laptop only install zorin OS only and my ssd is Sata Seagate Baracuda 120.

Have any solution for me pls

How old is your drive? It may be a hardware issue.

These are symptoms similar to drive failure. It takes time, starts with a few sectors, then inexplicable things begin to happen, usually only after you make large changes, like installing a new os.

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Why after I shutdown my laptop and turn it back on and I have type the password it freeze.

I am also thinking hard drive failure. Root file space on Zorin would be less than 5 gigs. Usually significantly less... It would take time to get that built up with installations and error logs.
I wondered if the partition was set accidentally to 5gigs instead of 50 gigs, as well.

So can you teach me how to check my hard drive. My hard drive just use for 1 years only quite new.

I had done just that... but you reinstalled.

I found a solution is I need to create partition manually by creating swap area, root and /Home and now successfully install. But my software store not working. Is it I need to update using the updater?

From terminal, you might try:

sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade

Once done, please test the software store.
If it is still not working properly, to reinstalling it:

sudo apt install --reinstall gnome-software

How to check hard drive whether have problem?

Here is a quick guide from Ubuntu:

My screen freeze when I login what should I do?

Do you have the nvidia drivers installed for you 9 series card ?

I just use software update only and it takes up the whole 50GB and now my laptop stuck on black screen. What should I do? Why root file up more than 50GB and ubuntu just said need 20GB what happen?

Your the only one i know on this forum that has 50GB of files in ZorinOS. Stuck on black screen has to do with the latest kernel update probably, revert back if possible.

Can teach me how to revert kernel?