Zorin Root space is insufficient

Can help me my partition no space for root after zorin 16 installation.

Can you explain what you did on the install and afterwards?

Did you let the installer set up the partitions or size them yourself? What software have you installed or files copied since?

Can you run this from the terminal?

df -h

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I size the partition myself. I create a swap for 8GB cuz my laptop have 8GB. Root partition for 50GB and the rest is home partition.

Should I use LVM?

Do you have a lot of flatpak or snap applications installed or is this the basic install?

Are you dual booting or is this the only os?

Which version of Zorin do you have?

I do clean install of zorin os only

I'm using zorin 16 core.

Have you installed any software after the installation?

No I just update the os only

Two questions, what was the sha256 hash you got on the iso? Where did you download from?

In Linux (zorin) you can check the hash checksum with:

shasum -a 256 [file location]

Replacing [file location] with the path to and name of the iso.

I download the iso file from the zorin official website

Cool. Would you verify the checksum to be:


Otherwise your version is corrupt and needs to be redownloaded. It shouldn't have filled a 50gb partition.

I have check already and it is same
Laptop Spec
Processor: I5 7200U
Ram: 8GB
Graphics Card:940mx

You can verify your checksums against the ones listed under the Zorin edition comparisons from here:

I download from this website.

There is nothing that would cause that iso to install 50gb worth of data.

If it allows it would you run:

du -aBM 2>/dev/null | sort -nr | head -n 50 | more

And paste your results from the first part of the output (before more) here.

This command shows the directories and files taking the most space.

After this problem my laptop freeze then I reinstall but I saw grub installation failed can you help pls.

Before you reinstalled why didn't you run the command i recommended. We would have been part way through your issue already.