Zorin Settings is gone after I used Bleachbit on Full deepscan

OS: Zorin 16 Pro

Zorin Appearance is still here. Tweaks is still here. About and Display are gone. I think it might be Gnome Settings is corrupted I'm not sure.

Right clicking on Desktop brings up Change background..., Display Settings, and Settings. None of the mentioned above gives any output or display.

How do I get it back?

EDIT: Luckily, I had installed Timeshift and used the 1st backup snapshot I had prepared. It's back. [Solved]

Be careful using bleachbit. Just as attention should be paid to what will be removed using apt autoremove so should one be cautious with this and any other "cleaning" utility. There are many good reasons to have and use this application. For system clean up, though, I'd recommend stacer. Keep bleachbit for sensitive material destruction (old tax files, account summaries, shopping history... Facebook).

Go over the settings of the deep scan and I'm sure you'll find options to modify it to be a little safer, but should still be used with caution.


I have been using Bleachbit for several years and installed it for our entire family's machines.

You must be very careful with the option in Bleachbit (as root).
This is how mine is set:

As you can see, Deep scan is not selected.


Yeah. Select DeepScan is not smart. Even dumber when I used Bleachbit (as sudo). I uninstalled it and using Stacer for stuffs now. I have been using Stacer for a while now. Thanks for the tips.


I will just avoid Bleachbit from now on. Thanks for showing your selection. It could be helpful in the future (if I ever use it again).


I really want to thank you for this post as I downloaded that program several days ago ..... OMG .... can you just imagine the damage I could have done to my OS had I done my usual haphazard approach with my tinkering .... (don't let Aravisian see this or he'll have a stroke) .... at least now I know to read up on this app ... with my boxing gloves on (so I can't type on my keyboard) ... LOL

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Hummmm as I can't read Japanese I assume I can just follow you little check marks in the order you have them ?????? ....


The order of the items is same.


Thank you I made a photocopy of your settings to follow up on when I have a bit more time ... and good morning to you ...

Or should that be "A gracious good morning to you" as Ernestine the Telephone Operator on the real Saturday night Live would say .... yes it was from days gone by ... LOL


"one ringy dingy... two ringy dingy"


God .... it is good to have someone in my age bracket on here ... I was beginning to feel lonely .... LOL


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The Faces' third album, "Stay with Me," .... sorry I had to look that one up as I didn't remember that one ... LOL


the saying is in reference to an acknowledgment of your statement prior. " The phrase a nod is as good as a wink acknowledges that a hint or suggestion can be or has been understood without the need of further elaboration or explanation. "

being a old retired musician I always from a young age refer to them.


Yuuki_ame, I highly recommend, Second what 337Harvey said.

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