Zorin should make Chrome the stock browser

Pre-install the Linux Scroll Speed Fix extension and set auto-login to OFF (Chrome requires a formal login on start/restart). Set power button to Suspend and no lock after Suspend.

That way, you only have to login after a start/restart. Chrome will never ask for a login.

Pre-install Infinity New Tab Pro and Voice Search extension. Also uBlock Origin.

Make a deal with Google to promote Zorin with Chrome.

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I'd prefer they didn't as I don't want Google stuff on my device. And if they do, I will never touch Zorin again.

Been using Firefox for years, not a problem. If I wanted to use a Chromium browser I will use Chromium without all the Google spyware.


I agree with DeanG. It's one of the reasons I ditched Makulu Linux, and binned a Linux Format DVD that had Peppermint on it.


Everyone has there favorite browser .... me I use Vivaldi .... and was put out because because FireFox was selected but something has to be installed so you can search the web and change the browser to your liking .... and I would much rather have FireFox than some of the others including Chrome ..... and yes I know Vivaldi is biased on Chromium ....


I suppose brave should be the default :thinking:


Because Chrome is on place 1 does not mean that it is the best browser


80% of Windows users are in Chrome 90% of the time. Most have Android phones and are in the Google ecosystem. By not catering to them, Linux distros shoot themselves it the foot. But Chrome needs a couple of fixes, namely the very slow scrolling and login issue. They can be addressed out of the box. Combined with Zorin's Windows-like desktop, most users could sit down at the PC and use it without a thought.

The two other big probs with Linux that keep it from rising much above 2% are the stupid names (Gimp, Gnome, Pop, etc) and the ugly distros. At least Zorin doesn't have those problems.

Control needs to be taken away from the neckbeards and given to marketers and designers.

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I disagree. Zorin OS should save people from Big Tech and not give in.


Any Linux system that starts catering to big tech will lose my support. Most of the people that I have gotten to know on a couple of the Linux forums I belong to want nothing to do with big tech or companies like Google that want to spy on everything you do.

But you have me curious about something. If you like big tech so much why are YOU on Zorin? I ask that question respectfully because your ideas about Linux and big tech seem contradictory to me.


And I would gander 100% of them don't know any better. They are the types to use whatever was installed on their device by Google and don't change it.

More users of a product doesn't equal that the product is any good.

So Linux should cater to the lowest common denominator of those that are computer illiterate, and dumb down the distro's with spyware. This is a weird premise.

These are the same people (like my mother) who complain something isn't working and they need "help". Well turning it on for starters will go a long way in resolving this serious problem of yours.

These are the same people who need "help" constantly (like my mother) who try and either call me or write me to ask what is wrong with her computer.... Look to your left, now look to your right, do you see me? No.... I have no idea what's wrong with your computer, I'm not there. I have no idea what you've been doing, what you've been touching, what you've been clicking on and what you've been installing or uninstalling. I am not Dione Warwick nor one of her psychic friends to know what you've done to your computer.

Now is this all of those 80%? No, of course not it's a general statement.

It doesn't need to be addressed because one of the reasons most people use Linux is to get away from MS and Google watching their every move. You are proposing putting the fox back into the hen house. This seems extremely odd to me and clearly others... Why is that?

Nobody sat down at a Windows machine and knew how to use it immediately, the same holds true with Linux or even Mac. I guess people are going to have to take 10 minutes of their life to learn something new if they want to use Linux. TBH I have no time, patience or tolerance left for those who don't want to help themselves by reading and learning something. I would gander a guess many of the devs in various distro's feel the same.

While I agree some of the names are stupid, so are the names of programs for all OS's. If you don't like the names, develop your own software and you can name it whatever you like. I don't really give the names of the software much thought.

As for the ugly distro comment, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I think putting a dozen widgets on your desktop looks like a convoluted mess, yet others like it. So be it. It's not my desktop....

If you don't like the way a dev as setup their distro, change it.... Problem Solved. I hate Gnome, Zorin insisted on using Gnome as the default, I installed Cinnamon... Done. Easy Peasy Pumpkin Pie.

Zorin insisted on using Snap, I uninstalled it... and put the software I wanted back directly from source using tar or deb files..... Done... Easy Peasy

Eye candy doesn't impress me, a distro actually working and doing what I want, staying updated and offering updated packages impresses me. I can make it look anyhow I want.


Like your post above but this quote impressed me the most ..... and is so true .... try doing this with M$ ..... you either take what they give you or do without ..... they could care less ....


I'm not without complaints about mozilla, but they have a long track record of developing browsers, and I still think it's reasonable for Zorin OS to pre-install Firefox as an open source OS.


I don't see why having low desktop market share is a problem for Linux. It's not like there are any investors or share holders to please. When decisions have been made against the wishes of the users (e.g.: Gnome, Ubuntu, Manjaro) those projects have received criticism and their user base shrink because other options exist.


At one time, GIMP developers looked toward changing their name away from the humorous origin.
This light touch toward a name-change caused serious negative feedback from their base.
Please do not assume that because you think a certain way, that everyone else automatically agrees with you.
The names are merely identifiers - so that users know what is what and which is which.
We do not need names dumbed down for us like Microsoft seems to prefer
Microsoft Money.
Microsoft Word.

Is "Adobe" a stupid name? How do you define what is "stupid" and what isn't? There is no logical method to this.

This applies to your Personal Sense of Aesthetic, as well.
The onus is not on others to tolerate a certain appearance in hoping of pleasing your personal sense of aesthetic.
Microsoft lifted the current Windows Appearance - from Linux. So a person really cannot, by any measure, claim that Linux is held back by being "ugly" compared to MS. Further, MS still uses the GTK2 toolkit, along with resource files, to govern appearance.
MS has swapped this out for some applications, using the Linux QT coding, instead - causing Windows to have mismatched windowing and theming. Some things stick to the system theme and some don't... and no simple way of a user adjusting or changing that, either.

To be very blunt...

I am fully tired of users getting on the forums and complaining about what they personally think is an ugly appearance. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Use the power Linux offers and customize your desktop if you dislike the appearance. But no user is so entitled that they can demand that everyone else cater to That One Users personal sense of aesthetic.


On the internet, choosing certain distributions or the like is like tantra. A propaganda corporation where everything works and is at its best. Opinions can be posted and bought, but not people - unless they are so naive.

Japanese proverb says free is the most expensive.


In relation to GNU/Linux (GNU = OS, Linux = Kernel to run the OS) is likely to incur cost of USB/DVD, Internet time to download an .iso, especially for those on metered connections, and time getting used to the new OS, but in the end the end-user has gained so much more! :sunglasses:

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