Zorin Software Update of Evolution Mail doesn't get newest version

Hi - New to Zorin and this forum. I installed Zorin 16.2 core and tried to use Evolution mail. I was having a difficulty connecting to gmail which I read was fixed in a newer version.
Zorin SoftwareUpdater didn't find anything new and left me on an older EvolutionMail (the one that came with the os - apologies that I don't have the exact version number). I uninstalled and reinstalled and that got me up to 3.46.3 and solved the issue.

My question is:
Can someone explain why the software updater didn't get this update?
Perhaps there's a way to make the Updater do this?

Thank you,
Matt Messinger

I assume this is for stability issues.

If you want the newest version, I suggest you remove the Zorin version and installing the Flatpak one viathe software store.