Zorin Splash Screen missing

Hi, everyone, I'm new with Zorin, about a month ago, I decided to install it as my OS on my computer. Everything has worked fine so far; however, some days ago, I started my computer as usual, but the big ZORIN logo dissapeared, there is a tiny text instead (Zorin OS 15, that's what it says) and a short log which indicates that everything loads right. The system loads fine with no errors, but I would like to know how to bring the big Zorin logo back. Thanks for your help.

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In terminal, can you please enter:

sudo update-alternatives --config default.plymouth

A configuration editor will opena nd you should see listed:

To the left of it will be a number: 0 or 1 or 2...

Choose the number next to /usr/share/plymouth/themes/zorin-logo.plymouth and type it into the terminal and hit enter.
It should do it's thing, then you must update the init:

sudo update-initramfs -u

On your next restart, you should see the normal Zorin Logo Splash screen.

And yes, I typed that from memory. I play with Plymouth a lot LOL....

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Thnaks for helping me but I get this message after typing the first line you suggested:

"update-alternatives: error: there are not alternatives for default.plymouth

I navigated to the /usr/share/plymouth/themes directory and these are the folders placed in there:


There is also a file called "text.plymouth"

What should I do now?

Interesting... It's as if your Plymouth theme was removed. Have you performed sudo apt autoremove recently? Or removed any software?

In the meantime; install the plymouth theme with:

sudo apt install plymouth-theme-zorin-logo


sudo update-alternatives --config default.plymouth

Thank you so much, I couldn't install it with the Terminal but I downloaded the Zorin Plymouth Theme from GNOME Look and installed it manually following the instructions given.

However, that would never have been possible without your info. Now, the Zorin logo is back.

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