Zorin su doesn't recognise password

I can log out and back in with my PW, but su doesn't accept it. I wanted to do an update using su and update, but stuck now unable to get the authority to do so.

Just su? I have the same outcome with just issuing su, which is normal.

Try either sudo -i or sudo su :+1:


OK will do; don't have Zoron yet on this machine (laptop); waiting for Z17 to come out.
Thanks again; that worked fine

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No worries! :sunglasses:

If you need to do a lot of sudo-ing, you can use either one to get a root terminal :grin:

su wants root's password, not yours. I generally use 'sudo <program -args>' or if I know I need to do a bunch of work as root, I'll use 'sudo -s' which allows you to become root, while maintaining your familiar user shell environment.


If, there's a password set - root won't have a password by default for kinda some obvious reasons, heh. Once a password is set, su away! (carefully..)

But, yes - sudo command -arg is the most preferred way for using elevated privileges :+1: Or, when using a lot of elevated commands, sudo -i, sudo -s, or sudo su. That way, you won't have to enter sudo ... with every command.