Zorin support for Macbook Pro 2012 webcam

Zorin is by far the best OS I've ever used. Small niggle though is the webcam on my 2012 Macbook Pro doesn't work. Is there any chance the kernel module/drivers for this could be included as standard? Otherwise totally awesome work. Congrats.

Open terminal with ctrl+alt+t
Copy/paste the following, one at a time:

sudo apt-get install git curl cpio kmod libssl-dev checkinstall

git clone https://github.com/patjak/facetimehd-firmware.git

cd facetimehd-firmware


sudo make install

cd ..

sudo depmod

sudo modprobe facetimehd

sudo nano /etc/modules

Add the line facetimehd to the bottom of the file.
Tap ctrl+o to overwrite, then the enter key to save current configuration, then ctrl+x to exit the editor.
Reboot and test.

----- Just a thought ----

On my Fedora 38, the webcam did not work either with Cheese as testing app.
I purged Cheese, and installed it back again as a Flatpak .... and this worked oversudden perfectly fine. I remeber on my backup laptop Zorin a same situation as this was a Dell Inspiron 1545 (2009 built) .

Maybe this counts as well for the MacBook ? ---- Again, just an out loud thinking I might be wrong for the Apple computer.

-- I am waiting on Zorin 17 as info lol

I have an older MacBook myself, poly-carbonate body - had to grab the iSight firmware file from the install disc OR the installed OS. I then installed 'isight-firmware-tools' through apt and pointed the location to the firmware file, firmware was extracted, and worked. Not sure if this is the same for that version of MacBook though.. I think the one I have is from late 2009-ish haha should be able to find the firmware file though 'ol Google.

Did you get your cam going?

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