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Zorin takes a long time to boot

Out of that list, the only other thing that really is safe to disable is Snapd.
Are you using any Snap Installed Programs?


But why does it take so long? It wasnt like this before even 15.3 is slow

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I have vscode as well, just not as a Snap. By not running snapd service, you can shave more time off.
And looking at that snapd service above, it's quite a bit of time.

All I can do is redirect this question to the above posts. The analyse-blame and its results.

I'll try disabling snap.. But how to do that o_o


You said it yourself... Zorin is on HDD. HDDs are significantly slower compared to SSDs. The best thing to do is to move Zorin to your SSD and you will see that your boot-time will get reduced to 20 or less seconds.


I had a worse hdd before with i3 530 processor it was faster..

I have OS install on SSD it's take 28sec after unlocking the encryption. But after full boot up it's so smooth...

Still takes a minute :slightly_frowning_face:

I understand your point of view, but, the boot-time that you are experiencing is very standard for an HDD. I even suggest you to look up results of other people with various operating systems on HDDs and you will see that you have very comparable booting time.
I suggest you to shrink the partition that you have windows on and install Zorin on your NVME. It makes the OS faster as a whole... not only during the boot.
This is also what I have done. I have a 256gb NVME and I've allocated 60gb for Linux (More than enough) and the rest is for windows. Then I store backups and heavy sized applications on my HDD.


@anon37206250 said it. If you want magic to happen this is the magic.


Boot time actually doesn't matter.
Minute less or more is ok.

Especially if everything is smooth after full boot.

I prefer smooth experience after boot over fast boot :wink:

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Hey, I've installed Zorin on my SSD now the boot is extremely fast now.. 3.5 seconds.. But after the login screen i.e after I enter the password.. It stays in a black screen for some 20 seconds.. Is it normal or is there any issues?

That is normal for me. When I am in a big hurry, that moment reaching the actual login screen seems the longest...

Ohh thanks.. It is blazing fast till the login manager..

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When booting, if you press CTRL+ALT+D you can see the services that are being installed.

Where does it pause? Is it something that can be disabled?


It is like.. the login screen comes in line 3-5 seconds, after I put my password and press enter, a black screen with a cursor for 20 seconds comes and then the desktop loads

Have you checked your autostart programs to see if anything is set to autostart that you do not need?
You can easily look in ~/.config/autostart (I have three items in mine) or in Settings > autostart

There is only 1 item.. canberra-gtk-play.desktop