Zorin the 15.3 news

What is the news of zorin the 15.3 in relation to zorin the 15.2?
I’m in the ultimate version

We’re planning to make an announcement about Zorin OS 15.3 in early September.

If you would be interested to know as soon as it’s available, you can sign up to our newsletter here.

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@AZorin Hello, you plan to upgrade gnome in that update?

Didn’t expect this one alongside the new forum’s site upgrade.
Thank you Zorin and to the Developers.


It’s not quite September yet, but just checked Settings>Details and was surprised to see I now have “Zorin OS 15.3”, as illustrated by @olivertagod21 above.
I wonder how many other software providers deliver ahead of schedule :smile:


hahaha, I’m shocked after I saw the version after the long upgrade. ahaha

I was surprised to see that I had quietly moved from 15.2 to 15.3, there were no bells, whistles or fireworks in the background to alert me of my upgrade.



I’m love the manner that Zorin upgrade the system.

So…what exactly is new with 15.3?

Forgive me for asking but why make it look like Mac OS? and How did you do that?

using themes and icons. you can download at- gnome-look.org

I’m surprised that the theme (hadn’t looked until today at enlarged image) has included the ‘Apple’ logo as this is a clear breach of copyright. Sadder still was a developer who got shut down for a logo of a pear with a chunk out of it, PearOS; sadly missed.

But also a lesson learned: Stick to FOSS.

A pear with a chunk out of it is not Apple! LOL!

We’ve just done the official release of Zorin OS 15.3, so it’s available to download now.

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Azorin, for clarity, those already using Zorin 15 need not download anything but just enjoy their current system updates, correct?

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Although I now have the update on my machine, I will download latest 15.3 iso and put it on a USB stick for disaster recovery purposes.
The reference to Ubuntu 20.04 threw me a bit and had to re-read that again, but is just reference to linux kernel 5.4 used.
PS: The download from sourceforge is taking about 30mins. Must be high demand :smiley:

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@AZorin I’ve just tested a fresh copy of Core 15.3 and it still has a sound misconfiguration in Sound > Sound Effects > Choose an alert sound.

I can PM you the details if you wish.

Just looking for some sounds I posted on old forum and found this reference to PearOS - just at its Zenith before the fall: