Zorin theme support for snap

Hello! I have been using Zorin OS 16 for 1/2 month/s now;
it was fun to use Zorin OS but I have a suggestion:
why not supporting snap applications with the zorin theme?
since it uses the adwaita theme for me when running a snap application.
I hope you can solve that. :slight_smile:


This is how Snap is. Developed by Canonical in union with Gnome, Snap Packages do not respect system themes and only honor Gnome Themes.

It's one of many good reasons to avoid Snap packages.


Snap packages do not respect system theme, but only Gnome theme? Not sure what this means? What is the difference between a Gnome theme and system theme on a Gnome desktop? How is this related to snap itself?

You also posted on another post, but I didn't want to reply there because I didn't want to take it off topic, but I am very interested in any ethics regarding Flatpak:

It's just that the way Ubuntu has used it to push Snap or Flatpak packages on us, even though Ubuntu promised not to, bothers some of us as a case of ethics and Trust.

While I recognise there are technical issues in terms of sandboxing and permissions, what are the ethics especially regarding Flatpak?

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On Linux Desktop... or at least... Currently... (This will change soon due to GTK4 and Gnome 40)...
A user can use any theme they want that is made for that toolkit.
GTK desktop environments can use any gtk version supported theme.
QT - same as above.
Enlightenment - any enlightenment theme.

You do not have to stick with the Default Theme. This user customization was very popular on Linux. But Gnome voiced that Gnome felt it detracts from Gnomes brand Image.

Gnome has long wanted to put a halt to theming.
With each release of gtk from 3.2 and up, they consistently tweaked it to break themes, causing themers to have to update and fix each breakage with every release of interim gtk versions. Such as 3.8, 3.12... all the way up to 3.20.
At this time, the stakeholders for Gnome stepped in and made Gnome sign a Pledge to Stop breaking Themes. They did... more or less... Stop the obvious breakage. This was too little too late. Many themers quit in protest and stopped making themes for Linux.

Gnome devs worked to develop Snap Packages with Canonical to Only Respect Gnome Themes.

Gnome 40 or GTK4 continues this trend with LibAdwaita- requiring any developer to get Permission From Gnome to allow any theme other than Gnome to be read by the system.
It is a very heavy Handed Microsoft style assertion of Dominance and Control.

Gnome has also voiced desire to pull out of the Gnu License, citing it as contrary to their "vision."

Gnomes controlling nature is more domineering than Microsoft, even. Gnome is Anti-FOSS, wanting to make Gnome Proprietary in sneaky ways, preventing user access and control.
Gnome removes user control features from Gnome desktop with every release, which is why Nautilus has become nearly a Mobile app window, with no menubar, toolbar, statusbar or any other useful feature.
If some users prefer more "screen real estate," fine. But Gnome forces all users to follow that by removing them entirely. And now, locking them into default Adwaita.

The ethics involved in this are in that in double sandboxing, it breaks many developer apps and ties developers in. Due to this, there was protest when Snap was introduced. So, Canonical promised that they would never replace APT with Snap.
Then, they broke that promise and snuck Snap packages into the Ubuntu Main Repositories, replacing the APT .deb packages. Users were installing using "sudo apt install" but the system was installing a Snap package, instead.

Gnome Software - or the Software Store, was similarly changed. Software store became Snap Store in Operation. This is a feature unused by Zorin OS, though Zorin still allows user choice of installing a Snap from the Software Store, with the Source button they added.


I've noticed that FLATPAK's do the same thing too. Keep in mind, I am using the Material Blueberry Black theme, and all the GTK areas of the OS are perfectly fine, no issues. But if I load up a FLATPACK, such as what is my Synaptic Package Manager, you will notice it has a bright white background, cause its FLATPACK, and don't respect my GTK+ theme.


I see. but I heard that there are snap themes that you can install them from the snap store (or any store that supports snap like the Zorin OS store) and it will use the theme that you installed from the snap store when you use it as the application theme in gnome.

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And these will work only on snap apps.
Do you want to have two different systems and two different themes on one desktop? Is that following the Unix philosophy of "Do one thing and do it well?"
And the snap apps will only be themed IF a themer also makes it into a Snap package.

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No, I don't like the idea to do that personally.

Yeah, that's what make snap worse.

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Uh oh.

I noticed even ScummVM stopped offering *.deb for their new version released a few days ago. Only snap or flatpak.

Yup. So odd. I tried getting basic menus, status and toolbar back. I have a laptop and not a ≤6" display. The stupidity of them.

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I use Nemo file manager.

But the thing is, the rest of us can only patch what gnome destroys for a limited time.
And saying, "It's open source, just make yuor own" Really?! We are to develop an entire Desktop, just like that? Alone?
Gnome has how many employees?
Just sayin'.

ScummVM is a symptom of the Pressure.
They are just trying to go where support will be long lasting, given the strength Gnome and Canonical have strong armed Snap down our throats.

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I've heard about Gnome wanting to pull out of the GNU license, because its stifling them from wanting to do what they truly want to do, which if I had to guess, must be to take MS style of goals, and screw us with them.

Thing is though, Gnome also knows that if they were to somehow manage to succeed in doing so, they would lose at least 50% of their fanbase. They know that we are belivers in FOSS, its why we are here aint it?

So what does Gnome think they will really accomplish by pulling out of the GNU license? Cause its not going to make us happy. I am pretty sure its not going to make the Zorin brother's happy.

Heck, it might actually be the final push to make the Zorin brother's no longer use the Gnome desktop environment afterall lol.

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Why not ? You can always switch to kde or cinnamon or anything else.


My mind was thinking XFCE, but I guess Cinnamon works too, possibly KDE. But keep in mind, I haven't used as many distro's that you guys have. So KDE would be a brand new thing for me. Cinnamon probably wouldn't take me long to learn. I've already been on XFCE desktop back when I was on Zorin OS 12.4.

But I don't want anything to do with ARCH though. Everytime I hear people talk about ARCH, its always a nightmare, where their brains feels like they are being sucked into a black hole.

Arch is for linux die hards, the community is a pain as well. Last time i read something there was a manjaro user asking for help on the arch forums. They dislike manjaro and said he should go the "arch" way to get help.

I really thought what a bounch of ässholes there.

I have Pop! OS installed and still get help here on the forum, i love that :heart:

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Thats because we care, and that is the biggest defining difference between us, and them Arch guys you speak of. Now while its true you will get greater support in the POP OS chatroom, where you can get help straight from the devs, we will, at least me anyways, try to provide help where I can.

The truth of it is, POP OS and Zorin OS are not much different from each other. Both are based on Ubuntu, and both use Gnome Shell 3.38! So this is why, many of the solutions that would work on Zorin OS, should also work on POP OS.

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ill contact them tommorow to see if they can help with my nvme

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